Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rightious Feeling

WHy the title? No Clue. Just wanted to be silly.
Anyway, I'm dead bored. It's eleven hundred seventeen here and I have nothing to do except eat. on top of that, there is no food to cook. Wow, what a way to start a day.
So as you can see, my day's pretty boring so I've been downloading the Entire Discography of the Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein. Their first records from the Album Herzeleid is really hard to find, especially records that weren't done live. I apply the controversy of the content to that though. Needless to say I couldn't find one recording of  Weißes Fleisch.
None the less I found a few songs.
Such as the Stalker song "Du Riechst So Gut"! (English: You Smell So Good) lol
The English Stalker songs ofcourse are: Every Breath You Take [sting] (as we all know), and You're Beautiful [James Blunt]

Also, Pizza Hut's Pasta is good. I Approve. We tried the Lasagna last night.

Random I know, but it was really good.

Anyway, leave it to an Audiophile HACKER to take an average Durabrand Stereo from WalMart turn it into a Monster. Equiped with Subwoofer a hand made pocket Amplifier that sends the cranked signal to the speakers. Yeah, I got ahead of myself again. ANYWAY!
X< My family is right, I can't just simply leave any piece of electronics alone......

So, on the subject of my Video blog, I still don't have the resources to actually record decent video. I'm still having to cut back on Video Blogging, I'm sad, because I love it, it's fun. And I've made several really cool friends through it.

BUT! I may soon be able to remedy that. I'm looking into buying a Mac Mini or an iMac Desktop and leaving my person Hacked Computer to the lesser duties of Programming and Storage. The white 2GHZ Mac Book is only $999. ... ... ... I know "Only a THousand?" We're talking about a Mac, not a PC. There is close to know visur that  can take it, secondly I know a lot of Hackers and Programmers who use macs.
I've grown up and been self taught on a PC but a Mac should be easy enough to understand.
It's supposed to be twice as User friend as a PC.
My only beef will be is that it'll have Safari, which I dislike more than Internet Explorer. I love Google Chrome, but Google hasn't made a version for Macintosh yet. It really is the best browser ever, built for hte internet as it is now, and very smart, kinda get's to know what you want before you even type it.
That and Macintosh is unhackable (well, kinda. I'm not THAT good. My friend Maximilian knows the code pretty well. Ofcourse numbers is all he knows. What's that line from the Matrix? "You see numbers and letters, right? I see Blonde, brunette.")

I dunno.

Well, I'm off to watch some podcasts and contemplate why the Hekk I'm misery. And Maybe download all the records from Rosenrot, later.

May God Bless You,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Blog Post of 09 (After long Absense

1 ER visit
1 Purchased iPod Classic

34 Boxes unpacked (thus far)
3 Books Purchased (twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer)
2 Walls covered in postors, drawings, a phone, photos, President Bush, Skate stickers, USAF patches, and a License plate.
30+ Audio Compact Discs listened over twice
5 or 6 weeks
5000 thousands words typed in my Novel
4 Bracelets
1 Micheal Jackson looking Prat gave me the finger at a Truckstop
1 season of the muppet show (the only DVD that was unpacked at that point)
7 rooms furnished
100 miles of nothing
1 Vibrating PLushy cow
1 Birthday
7 winks from random chicks
1 lost Cross (the ones I wear around my neck)
72 Yawns
11 Faceplants
7 from the ice
1 car requiring to be pushed over a mound of ice
1 Almost Collision ending with me getting the bird
1 New Stereo
200+ Dollars spent
50 Phone calls
15 Text Messages
2 Blogs
26+ Photographs
6 letters
1 overflowing Toilet
1, yet again, Neighbor Kid at the age of 12
1 Ambulance ride
5 Exchanges of Phone numbers
1 Mother losing her mind
1 even worse Grandmother
2 Aunt/Sisters giving orders
5 Visits to Taco Bell
5 Stray cats
1 Snowstorm
5 entire cities close by without electicity for days on end
1 Missed trip to a Portsmouth District UMC event at Blackstone
10 Cardinal sightings
That's a basic summary. Things have been Hectic and pretty terrible. Luckily after a year of constant depression I've kinda been desensitized, lol. You know me, go with the flow. Barbara's the one who's getting stressed. If anyone can make a skill out of getting angry it's the Mother, that's where I get it from. I've been making the best of it here. Like reading Twilight, listening to music, and making a list of things that have happened!You may have noticed that my Birthday has passed. Yet again I celebrated by doing nothing. Birthdays aren't big deal to me. When I turn 21, HEY FRIGGIN' YEAH! BR1NG T3H B33R! Hahahahaha! Anyway, I'm not big on birthdays, but for future reference I am Seventeen. However, before I left Virginia I did do what I do every year, I went to this awesome place in Great Bridge called Cheasapeeke Pizza (I hope I spelled that right), where I've gone for ten years with my Aunt Cyndi for my birthday, and other times of the year ofcourse.After seeing the movie with my--girl friend?...yes, got it--Girlfriend, I had to read the series. SO I bought Twilight for the trip to Missour, and now I've gotta past New Moon and am reading Eclipse. An simply smashing series!
T H E Y S P A R K L E !
So I finally got around to getting an iPod. I got this silver iPod Classic. My Lack of internet, however, has slowed down my process of filling it with music. My new Harddrive doesn't have anymusic on it, nor iTunes. This vacuums...
My Battlestar Galactica Calander is nice, Kera Thrace is miss February, lol. Thanks Adam[a]. Personally I've always been partial to miss February in Josh's Garage, near the big door on the same wall as the freezer. The School Uniform was very flattering. Hahahahaha!
So Barbara's house is nice. It's got two bedrooms (The Front one is the one I'm staying in for the following thirteen months), a spacious garage, a small kitchen (Unfortunately), a a large living room, two bathrooms (I get the big one! Cause "to a man, size matters, not matter what we're talking about!")
AT LAST! President Obama is in Office. I had to put up with Barbara making me say "President-Elect" for weeks...... Anyway, more power to the man, since he is, essentially, one of the most powerful men, and soon to be (like all Presidents) one of the most heckled men, on the planet...

So, May God Bless You,

This message will now self destruct