Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bob and Larry

Okay so first off and explaination:
1. Before Barbara moved Hard Drive 1, let's call it Larry, died, software error because it was cut from current in the middle of a diagnostic thingy.
2. I used my second, ready to go hard drive #2, let's call it Bob, for the next three months. It because 1337 (Elite) and I learned to live with and love it without sound.
3. Last night Bobert became unresponsive. A Hardware error that 5u..
3A Bob Died.
3B Bob was a good Hard Drive
3B subi Even he couldn't talk
3B subii so this sucks.....
3B subiii Because I had Adobe AIR apps and iTunes and pictures Google desktop and videos and.... and... yeah that's all.
4. I repaired the software in on Larry shove Larry into the big metal box and shut it so he'd be left alone in a dark machine.
5. Larry now plays sound and works at top proformance after cleaning up unwanted software and old documents that were also...unwanted.

So yeah I saved my music, podcasts, Tv shows, and movies from my iPod to my Archival (my version "My Documents") so I'm relatively happy. Irreplaceable things like photos are lost forever. Although, a good heapin' load of my pictures and photos are spread over the web. Like of Flickr, deviantART, and here.

So upsides:
1. Since this is the original Larry for this computer all the drivers for this computer are already installed properly.
2. Paint Shop Pro X is installed and Paid for here, so I CAN USE IT AGAIN! YAR!
4. After cleaning up Larry it works considerably better than before.

It's still a little slow, from years of use I guess.

So now that the tech talk is out of the way let's move on to modern life.
Okay so life is good. Yeah right. Life sucks.
Anyway! Who wants cookies?
So I've been cool. Unpackign boxes, looking into getting my G.E.D. at last.
That's pretty much it....Yeah I have a boried life XD
Thanks for reading

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