Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DIY Speakers

Okay so while I was watching Leo Laporte (the tech guy) on Stickam I began grabbing off the shelf speakers and toying with my iPod.
As we all know, the iPod classic comes in a box that has pastic insert which holds the iPod itself inplace against the lid at the top of the box.
When unpacking it it is at the top, just like the life size image on the lid, you look at it, say "oooo-la-la", pull it out the plastic insert that fits snuggly like a shelf, and begin pulling out the four page manual, stickers, warrenty information, earphones, and U.S.B. cord. When it's all done and said your left with really good box. Let's face it, from electronics to the packaging they come in, Apple does not screw around!
So I saved the box.
Well about a while back, shortly before my last blog I think, I was reading Wired.com's Gadget blog and a number of other blogs and I came across this really cool thing device at GeekAlerts.com.
It was a speaker insert that was made the exact dimensions to fit in the clear plastic case that the iPod Shuffle comes in. (Shuffle 2nd and 3rd Gen & the iPod Nano 1st and 2nd Gen)

Well I thought that was pretty cool. I wouldn't buy it, because:

A) I'm Broke
B) I have a Classic
C) I'm a DIY fanatic
Well this evening I was on Stickam, a live video broadcasting site, watching Leo Laporte, the Tech Guy (of course), and began thinking. I have some off the shelf speakers which I can easily repair, wires that are practically hanging the from the ceiling, three eighth inch stereo audio jacks, and how-many boxes in this room.
So I got to work with my off the shelf components, superglue and scotch tape.

Don't laugh, I'm cheap.

Okay, go ahead.

In the end it turned out like this:

It has really good audio quality, after I repaired the speaker. It can be pulled out fo the box and fits snuggly inside. The wire can be hidden so that the lid can be slid over the speaker, for safe transport.
Okay so that was my project!

In other news my MacBook is on the way and is due anyday now.

Thank you for reading!

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