Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello Readers! =D

I'm back with another Blog.

So if you know me I Video Blog and Text Blog quite often. Because of this I'm a firm Believer in RSS or Atom, which are feed systems used to give/get live updates on....stuff. Just Wikipedia it @ & But anyway, I am a firm Believer in RSS, which is why I am happy to say that Video Blog now comes in Podcast and can be updated via RSS, from This allows the little player on the Index Page of my Website to display my latest Video Blog, unless I'm just too lazy to update Blip.Tv, lol.

Also I've been reading different bogs and stuffs and I came across a really cool article about a project called Eyeborg on gadget blog. Eyeborg is abotu a man who lost his eye and plans to replace it with a prosthetic that contains a wireless Camera that will record every waking moment of his life. A project I can admire, because it combines three things I love: Cameras, Tech, Cybernetics (not really)! Check out the Article at and the Website

Another Blog by my "hero", Bre Pettis, tell about the greatest invention of all time, at last it has been created, I have no idea how the human race has made it with such a Robot! The Frostruder!!! It's far superior to his Sudo Make Me A Sandwich Bot!

Also by Bre is one of the greatest Manifestos in Hackerdom! The Cult of Done.

My Life is going well, I'm looking into getting the G.E.D., at long last, and my Driver Permit, at long last, which means my chances of survival have officially doubled. My Survival rating is now .008 it was .00395! So, yeah~ I'm kind of kicking back right now, but studying as well.

The local U.M.C. is nice, Barbara wants to look into some other churches, but I really like the crowd at First United Methodist, it's very friendly. My only beef, well not even that, I find it funny, is that Larry calls me Keanu. But it's cool! =D

I played a hysterical game of Pool with....I forgot her name.....but I played a game of pool each with Emma and another one (who's name slips my mind) and it was funny. I kept frakking up one way or another.

My next Rant is of course a music rant. Okay I love screamo, but Dashboard Confessionalhas gotten on my last gone with Carrabba! Oy! And onto the good stuff:
The Christian Rock Band, Red. I know I'm a month late, but my Computer situation has been kind of strained. So I finally got around to listening to the Album Innocence & Instinct. Great Album, go buy it, listen to it, love it.
In a more 90s note I've been listening to Ra - Album: Duality - alot, check them out as well, if you want something new (or not so much) to listen to.
Finally, something a bit uplifting would be Chairlift, a Brooklyn based Electro-pop group consisting or Aaron Pfenning, Caroline Polachek, and Patrick Wimberly. Not too mainstream, still indie. I'm a hard time locating some of the songs from their album Does You Inspire You, the album off which the song Bruises came. Their song Bruises can be heard in the latest Apple iPod Nano (Chromatic) commercial.

So yeah. Since my Hard drive switch I've also repaired a lot of the errors and installed my need software, and wanted software. If your Windows or Mac user there is one thing I suggest looking into, that would be Adobe AIR, Adobe Integrated Runtime. A software that allows other applications to run off it and integrate into your computer's desktop and so on. It is what allows me to use my RSS ticker, at the bottom of my screen and Twhirl (my Twitter Application). It also allows tons and tons of different apps to be used, so I would definitely suggest looking into it. I'm currently looking around at several YouTube Apps. can't decide which one I like more.

Anyway, Thank you for reading my Blog! =D

May God Bless,



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