Friday, April 3, 2009

H4x0rl07... lol <:^^:> teehee~ [Revision]

Can't sleep, watching Tekzilla on Revision3 and spent the night watching Samproof who freaked on an imaginary man named muffin then I told him my old kitty (out of the many) named Muffin. "**** YOU IN THE ***, MUFFIN!"

[Note: This is somewhat a gadget blog, so if your interested in of the apps you read about here, all of them I have tested myself and work as well as I claim. Thank You, Brent]

Switched from Twhirl (An Adobe AIR Twitter application) to Tweetdeck and from Tweetdeck to DestroyTwitter. Tweetdeck was a moment of mistaken identity, because it looks very much like DT from a distance.
You see the best Twitter application I have ever used is DestroyTwitter. It's powerful, compact, and fast. It has some of the multi collumn capability of Tweetdeck, but is many times more powerful.
You can change your profile info from DT, tweet at wrap like speeds, and even create your own them at
Again, my only criticism is that the designers did take advantage of the runtime it uses by integrating it into the desktop: it's not an integrated window/widget, thus if you use Windows, your still stuck with the bulky exterior of Windows chrome borders.
Because I really, really hate the bulky look and feel of XP chrome I still use twhirl on the PC. It's all I reall NEED on the PC so it's fine, but one the mac, where I am not surrounded by the mass of windows sporting the blue borders borders of XP chrome, I have decided to install DestroyTwitter.
Because the application uses Adobe Integrated Runtime in runs on both Windows and Mac using the same exact version.
A beta is also released for Linux.

Eating Salt and Vinegar Potato chips drinking chocolate milk. YUMZ!

This Blog really has no big meaning, just typing as I think it up in Blogger.

Listening to some music:
Mudvayne, discovered through my friend in the U.S. Army (because Soldiers rule!), Private Rusty Fisher
-----Fall Into Sleep
Cursive, Sam Proof introduced me to this group earlier this morning/night.
-----From the Hips
As far as I can tell it's a song about frakking! FUN! lol

My Primary Blog is *\^_^/* or
My primary blog is now Blogger, now. I post there first and my Website's blog page is now fed by Blogger's Atom feed as appose to LiVEJOURNAL's feed.
The reader is powered by, for those of you interested in an easy way to set up a RSS/ATOM reader in a webpage via HTML and Javascript.
I also love the HTML freedom Blogger give someone who knows there stuff, like myself, to edit the page. Completely redid the layout's proportions, added an impromptu banner (Made in Corel Paintshop Pro X) and removed the Menu bar from sight.
All very basic HTML settings to change.

For those of you who, like me, have maybe a gajillion programs and applications running at the same time in Windows XP, I've discovered a lovely little program called Taskbar Shuffle, and yes I still occasionally can be found enthralled by several programs on my P.C. box.
Taskbar Shuffle is a very simple application that has a very simple purpose, but it can make big difference when you have a taskbar full of programs. (Especially since I have a vertical taskbar, to the left of my screen, that is so small you can only see the icons!)
Taskbar shuffle allows one to mmove the tabs on the taskbar around and organize them, much liek tabs on Mozilla Firefox, Camino, and Google Chrome.
Commonly they are organized by "latest opened" but with this app you can move them around easily.
I have tested this, it takes about ten minutes to install, depending on your download speed, and works like a charm.

Speaking of Chrome, I eagerly and somewhat patiently await it's beta release for Max OS X. Which may be a while given the fact that Macintosh doesn't give programmers a choice on what sort of chrome you can use. One of the reasons I dislike Firefox here in Macintosh land. I misses my retro Super Mario Brothers theme on Mozilla. Don't get me wrong, I love the Macintosh interface very easy to use! I may switch from Firefox to Camino though, at least until Chrome is released. Camino is a sort of Mac OS equivalent to FIrefox for windows, so I am curious.

I'm about to install an XP to Seven theme into my XP PC. so we'll see how tht goes, I'm somewhat hesitant, but since Tekzilla trusts it, I'll give it shot.
! I have tested the Seven Remix XP and it works really well. For a ful transformation you can run the installation package and replace all system files with Windows 7 like abilities. The remix set keeps a copy of all XP system files, just incase you want to go back.
Alas, I did. Th replcement of system files Shell32 and other DLLs was not letting certain programs run. This may have been my own Computer so it's worth trying to install the system files.
I can tell you it does no harm to try! Because when I ran the uninstaller and restarted my machine it was back to normal.
However I only removed the System File, by choice, and the themes still remained and work perfectly.
So if you just wan to spice up the appearance download Seven Remix XP and install all but the system file.

Well it turned out kind of techy, but some people like that.

Thank You For Reading!

May God Bless,

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