Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chapter 3.5?

So I was thinking about my life, I have bad habit of over analyzing futile situations, and came across the fact that my life can perfectly be broken into several chapters.
And it seems that this is Chapter 3.5. Not sure what to make of that but it leads to be an interesting turn to say the least.
So it begins with an injured camel and trip to the American Desert. I see continuity here, I think God is playing games with me...
So anyway, with filling you on the dirty gritty details about lifting the poor camel onto a stretcher I'll skip the trip to the desert.
New Mexico is where I'm headed for a mission trip with my church and I'm looking forward to it.
It's gonna be fun and interesting, yup yup!
I've packed my bag, and working on my overnight bag, and couple books for the ride, two frakking days of sitting on a bus, hoo boy!.
Apparently as of last sunday I gained..... a trip buddy?

So a music rant:

These songs are currently my Favorites:
1. Invincible [Single Action Mix] - Skillet
2. Forsaken - Skillet
3. Firestarter - The Prodigy
4. Knock-Down Drag-Out - Weezer
5. I'm Back - Dope
6. Collide - Skillet
7. With You - Linkin Park
8. Hallelujah - Rammstein
9. Android Hell - Me

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