Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One of those days where you black shirts need a wash

So it's one of those days when I haven't gotten more than an hour of sleep I pull off that shirt I'd been trying to squeeze a few days out of and realize that all my black shirts, even the three in my drawer need to be washed.
So I didn't get any sleep, my insomnia is kicking it again because I got very little in the past couple nights, as well.
So, yes, I'm sitting shirtless typing a blog and the temperature today has gone down to 21º (62ºF) so I'm a bit chilly. Luckily, I'm warmer than most people, so I'm not a damn Vampire, folks!

With that in mind I'd like to start off my blog on a technical note since I spent last night toying with many things, such as Google Desktop apps, twittering randomly, cleaning out my bookmarks and so on.
For those of you who use Google Desktop and iTunes I must suggest an app called GDieTunes(MOD) Version 1.1. It's very nice and pretty and works like a charm.

Now a short paragraph about the music I'm listening to. More recently I've been listening to a guy of YouTube called Ronald Jenkees who is a brilliant independent song writer and pianist, so go check him out at and Youtube. Personals favorite is Guitar Sound.
As far more mainstream goes, or indie, I've been listening to Chairlift, Death Cab for Cutie, Smashing Pumpkins and The Brokenmusicbox.
Speaking of Brokenmusicbox watch this vimeo video I found through the DestroyToday blog because it has excellent music, is very interesting to photography and shop fan as myself and is great combination of sound and video:
Okay so that video makes me smile. Why I don't know, but lets move on!

So I believe today I will make salsa and eat it, take a walk to make a list of the closest inns and maybe make some more Skype calls as per usual.

On the subject of Skype my name is Sakuto-no-Sai if you want to get a hold of me quickly and my twitter is @Sakutonosai.

That's all I wanted to share for today so as usual have a nice day, good health, do good work and may God bless.

-Brent Matthew Lillard

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