Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Booking Face

One of my many issues with Internet Social Networking sites has always been the "About Me" section. I never knew exactly how to describe myself in just a few paragraphs, much less a one liner. I don't want to say I'm normal, that's boring and I've never quite fit in anyway, and I can't very well say I'm an all out Nerd for it's 1956 stereotype.

I was changing my Facebook data this morning since I woke up at an ungodly hour and can't sleep and i'm quite proud of myself:

So, basically, I'm that guy who people talk to about their issues, but even though have all this dirt on folks I never tell a soul unless theirs a clear mutual knowledge. I'm also that nerd who really thinks realistic science fiction is amazing and is an Otaku for good Shojo or Shonen Manga, Anime, Sushi and dropping obscure references like "Ride my Wind?". I'm mostly funny when I don't try, but have inherited from my father the ability to drop obscure one liners. Needless to say I don't watch television but I have enjoyed a couples shows here and there but often watch weekly podcasts. I love music of all forms and all times, but prefer indie.
Yes, I believe. In fact I'm quite a spiritual Christian, but not a fan of religion for what it's caused but I don't talk politics unless sarcastically insulting a person who is too outspoken about either side of the fence, but I do openly support the troops for I have been surrounded by the military.
On a side note I like play around with Computers and Electronics, hardware and software, and as being an Artist and writer as well enjoying experimental cooking I consider myself a Hacker, as defined by Bre Pettis.
I am Brent Matthew Lillard.

But yeah, I'm proud of that so I'm goign to carry that over to my much forgotten MySpace, even though there is like no one left there to read my profile..... Hmmm.....

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