Tuesday, December 8, 2009

IS it just me or Myspace beginning die a slow painful death....

IS it just me or Myspace beginning die a slow painful death before it's veteran users?
I log in and the old layout is gone, but, luckily, Myspace's HTML week Profiles still maintain their class appeal.
Though with the loss of the Profile view editor it appears Veteran users like me who prefer the old style either have to go with a lame generic HTML paste in code or write our own code.
Nothing against myspace, it still holds strong with a certain crowd but I have to say I'm more of a Facebook user, now.
I know a company like Myspace will not likely die a fast death, it may take another decade, but I think it will die slowly before Facebook.
Then again I could be crazy like those morons who were screaming "DEATH OF YOUTUBE!" like Mr. Hitler himself had jumped out of his vegan made, yet some how not kosher, birthday cake at the U.N. building and his Manson like cult over threw the world powers with the help of the Illuminati, chased only by Tom Hanks, only to be squashed by Inglorious Bastards.
By the way, that was an excellent movie! Brad Pitt cracked me up in that one!
Anyway, that's my two cents.
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Just search Brent Matthew Lillard because Brent Lillard is a coder of greater skill.
I've talked to Brent Lillard, he's an awesome dude.
He's from Virginia, too, go figure!

May God Bless, Do Good Work, Shalom!
Brent MATTHEW Lillard (@Sakutonosai)

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  1. I can say Brent that myspace is slowly being eaten away, hardly anyone uses it and those who do use it for dating purposes...i have one somewhere...but i couldn't really be bothered signing into it...and i prefer my mix of youtube/twitter and facebook ^_^