Friday, December 18, 2009

I've wingin' it, BO'Y

So I'm not sure what to say this time except I'm excited about tomorrow.

I know I don't talk about my life much so here's a slice of life:
I'm excited about tomorrow because I go to Cape Girardeau with my friends for the Youth Group shopping trip.
I mean, I need to get out of this house for a while and what better than spending the day with my friends at the mall?
Ironically enough I come from Hampton Roads, Virginia where every other city has a fair sized mall complete with a Macy's, Bookstore, Sears, and J. C. Penny; however, since I moved here almost a year ago I have not set foot into the mall at Cape any farther than the Barnes & Noble's Manga/Science-Fiction section.
So, needless to say, I'll not be taking on this journey alone.
Alas, I don't do the Christmas present thing with most people simply because for the past two years Christmas has been untraditional and I've found I much prefer a peaceful, quiet Christmas focused to prayer, thanks and Jesus than a traditional, even though I love a nice Christmas Tree; But, back to what I was saying, I'm not big on presents and I'm hurting for cash (that cold, green-backed, folding stuff) so I'm shopping for a very chosen few.
Which means I've got to think hard, because I'm not good at gift giving.
Also, today, I cut my hand on a computer part, that's lovely.....

On a tech note I heard a rumors that Google has finally released a Beta of Chrome for Macintosh! I'd been waiting for this day to come for a long while before I finally I sat down and installed the Developer's version. I've actually found I prefer the developer's version simply because it's updated weekly as apposed to Monthly (Beta) so I'm sticking to the Dev channels of both Mac and PC.
But, in all seriousness, I've been using Chrome on Leopard for months, now, and I've gotten maybe two crashes during it's use so why wait so long to release the beta? I mean, honestly, do they really expect biased or unexperienced computer users to download an opensource browser, especially a beta?

But I digress....
On my PC I have begun using the extensions for Chrome and, to my surprise, they are very good!
They're lightweight and very useful. Here on the one's I particularly like:
AdThwart - This blocks unwanted and annoying Ads on everything from Facebook, MySpace, YouTube. My favourite extension ever, to be honest.
Google Mail Checker - Gives me a button on the toolbar that shows how many letters are in my GMail inbox and if I click the button it opens my GMail inbox. If you already have GMail open in another tab, it will take you to that tab. I like this because on my Mac, I have an SSB Fluid App in my Dock dedicated to GMail. (I dislike Apple's Mail application)
Google Calendar Checker - I've found, after having three operating systems fail (one windows, two Macs), that it's safer to have my agenda saved in the cloud and not on my computer. So, I use Google Calendar as my primary agenda and just let iCal sync with it so I can get it on my Mac and iPod; however, since I don't have a calendar program on my PC that syncs with it I've found having a small icon in my toolbar that will take me directly to my calendar or show me how much free time until my next event is handy.
XMarks Thumbnails - It does pretty much what any userscript can do on any other browser (just without the help of Grease Monkey) by adding a picture preview of websites on your Google search results. This is a feature I miss about using userscripts in Firefox.
SmoothScroll - Purely an aesthetic choice. I never use a mouse on my MacBook Pro because I love the multi-touch so one of the things I really like about it is that when I scroll using the multi-touch it's always smooth. It's silly, but I like having this tool around to keep the paging flowing nice and smooth, instead of jerky like most of the time with a scroll wheel. It can also be calibrated so that's pretty handy depending on your system.

As a closer I'm going to bring back a piece of software I mention a few months ago from called LogonStudio which is used to modify the logon GUI in windows.
It's purely cosmetic and permanent because it just changes the text and Bitmap images in the LogonUI.exe application. (I think, I'm guessing.)
I used it before to lesser degree so I could have a simple white background but since then I've refit the GUI to my Windows XP again so I figured I refit the Logon UI again as well.
So I thought I'd share.
If you want to spruce up you Logon screen, this is definitely the way to do it. You can change it then uninstall the program and it will remain the way you made it.

As for tomorrow and my dismay as to what movie to see I've come to the conclusion with Emma to go see Avatar.
I haven't seen a Jame's Cameron movie in a while. I mean, Titanic came out when I was, like, five and the first two Terminators were way back in the eighties!
So, while I'm afraid to see Terminator: Salvation (because I'd probably really like it), it looks like a good science-fiction and action film and I am getting a slight Halo vibe from the trailers I've seen, which peaks my curiosity even more.

So that is all until next time.
So, remember to do good work.
May God Bless.
Brent Matthew Lillard

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