Monday, December 21, 2009

Polyphemus and Chicago

So in the last three days I've watched two excellent movies.

I'm going to start with today's movie, Public Enemies. Starring one of my favourite actors the handsome and talent Johnny Depp and a new favourite of mine, Christian Bale.
It's kind of funny to combine the words Historical and Action in the same sentence; however, this one made for a very action packed and period correct film.
Johnny Depp did an amazing job of portraying one of my favourite bank robbers from the 1930s, John Dillinger, as an what appeared to be an anarchist who would stop at nothing to gain what he wanted: Fun, Guns, Fast Cars and his woman which eventually led him to his end.
Although I've never liked the figure that was Melvin Purvis, Christian Bale also did wonderful at portray the resolved G-Man that chased Dillinger like a cat after a very FAST mouse.
The action was exciting, , the atmosphere of the world made it fell like mid depression Chicago and the acting was good as always.
As a final note, that man who shot and killed Dillinger, Charles Winstead, was played the blue Eyed wonder that is Stephen Lang...

On the subject of Stephen Lang this leads the other movie, which I am STILL stoked about, after seeing it.
During the Youth Shopping trip me, my friends, my girlfriend and my youthleader (I think miss ADHD, Major, was there too) went to see Avatar.
In James Cameron's AVATAR, Stephen Lang plays the ever resolved military mind that is Colonel Miles Quaritch.

In a local system called Alpha Centauri A there is an earth sized moon orbiting a gas giant, Polyphemus; and this moon is called Pandora.
Where do I start? The world.
James Cameron did an amazing and beautiful job of bring to life a lush, epic, living and breathing (and thinking?) world that was so very different from Earth and yet so tempting and familiar that my friends and I still want to go to Pandora and become one of the blue skinned, and in tune with nature, Na'vi!
In concept this story examined the importance of maintaining and preserving the environment, the dangers of greed and, even prejudice and genocide set a a realistic science fiction enviroment making for a thought provoking and very entertaining film epic.
The CGI in this film was astonishing and really created a world unlike earth while still appearing unbelievably realistic even in the most hectic action sequences and in the closest calm shots. I mean it's relatively easy to put a gas giant with other moons in the methane rich sky, it's another thing to have giant reptile birds that you pug your braid into and fly between floating mountains.
Another thing I always keep an eye out for in continuity errors. They had it as perfect as a film can be from the Pandora being a super massive organic computer (like a human brain?) to Colonel Quaritch running out of the facility, holding his breath as he shot his gun, exposing himself to the methane, carbon dioxide and ammonia rich atmosphere, before gasping into an oxygen mask.
On the subject of the world, the Navi people were a beautiful and advanced primitive race that I envy. (nuffsed)
So with all the technical stuff aside, even though I haven't even scratched the surface, the movie was incredible and I'd be willing to see it again because it was amazing on the big screen.
I should probably go see it in 3D; because, from what I've read they used a new Stereoscopic camera that mimics human eyesight to film the entire movie and given that home 3D sucks, theatre is the way to go.
Either way, I suggest you go see Avatar while it's still in Theatres.

So, thank you for reading.
Do good work.
May God Bless.
Brent Matthew Lillard

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