Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello folks!
So I am having an unusual and good week.

Today I took the G.E.D. Pretest and I got a passing score which means after about ten months of studying, I'm ready to take the G.E.D. Exam and pass it.
That's awesome news!
That combined with all the other stuff that makes me bouncy has me STOKED about December and January!
What a way to end a year!
So on the Ninth of January 2010 I will take and PASS the G.E.D. test!

So here's the deal I saw this movie on sunday with Emma and Eleshia and more friends.

Yes, New Moon.
Having read the books, which by no means are excelent literature I have to say this much. I liked the movie up until they saved Edward.
Yes, I was rooting for Jacob all through New Moon. I feel for the puppy.
But otherwise I was actually impressed the movie for several reasons:
1. They stayed true to the story and didn't miss a detail. So with very minor cuts the story was unchanged.
1.1: My biggest beef with story changes and cuts from the story is because of the Movie version of the Harry Potter Series in which after Prisoner of Azkaban, which missed many key points, they began changing some of the base structure of the Story. I find understandable because as we saw in the most recent installment they stayed true to the feel and meaning to Harry Potter.
2. The music, much like the first film, was excellent and although it was different to fit the story of this particular installment it captured the same eerie vibe that the first soundtrack did with a little retro rock vibe.
3. The exposure of the film and the look and feel of Forks, and Italy for that matter, was quite beautiful and smooth. It looked ghastly yet natural.
3.1: I'm a bit of photography buff so when I see a well done movie or photograph in the way of atmosphere, I have to give it credit.
4. CGI was amazing. They did an excellent job of the Werewolves and, like most well done films, the CGI was seamless with the environment. I especially love the montage where the police are hunting wolves and the wolves save Harry Clearwater from Victoria, the music in that scene was also good.
5. The action sequences were excellent, from the madness of Jasper to the Victoria scaring Harry Clearwater to death everything was well done.
7. It makes a good film all together. I was actually impressed, I thought I'd be disappointed.

So, mock me if you will (I'm watching you, Jennifer). But I think it makes a wonderful movie and does very well in capturing the book.

And people, please. We know Bobby Pattinson is a pretty, pretty man with a nice voice and some acting skills, BUT HE DOESN'T REALLY SPARKLE!!!!!

As a side note, My pocket watch has finally died.
While it served me well, having to wind it every three hours, it's clockwork has finally given way to a rough, long life.
It's the last watch that belonged to my dad that stilled worked. But alas, all good machines must come to an end.
Now I need to attain a new time piece..... hmm.....

Has anyone ever seen P.S. I Love You, a 2007 film by director Richard LaGravenese?
Well, it's a cute "chick flick", as it were, with my favourite Scottish Actor, Gerard Butler. (See "300" Zack Snyder & "Phantom of the Opera" Joel Schumacher)
Anyway, my Mother-Unit while unpacking boxes from the moving, discovered a mothers days present for 2008 and the card to go with it from my father who had passed away in December of 2007.
I just thought that was interesting that after two years he's still giving gifts for Christmas.
My father was a very interesting man in the sense that this is exactly the sort of thing that would happen in his presence.

Those are three little things I wanted to share.
Thanks for reading.
May God Bless, Do Good Work, Shalom.

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