Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So last Saturday was my birthday.
I've gotten into the habit of not really caring about birthdays but this was a bit different for the following reason:

1. It is the day that marks the 18th year of my life which means I am legal. I don't smoke, I don't live in Germany (or Europe in General) so I cannot yet buy alcohol, Marijuana is not yet legalized so I do not wish to partake; but it does mean I can get a new knife, I can get my Drivers license in a matter of months, depending on my my personal confidence, I can get more jobs and I can act with the need for permission forms.

2. I got to spend it with my two favourite people, my bestfriend and my girlfriend. Which is always a blast.

3. This birthday is more of a "Right of Passage" than the Sixteenth was because I have a lot more going for me than I did then.

So the day was simple in theory. Got up, showered, got a text from Eleshia and out the door.
We went to Emma's, ambushed her, hung out, received my present from Emma (which was awesome and I will need to try it tomorrow for lunch or something!) (Yes, it is a food stuff) and Eleshia (Which was hysterical in a racist and geeky sort of way!), hungout, etc. ect. ect.
Then after attack of pirates, talk of anime and lots of Jap rock we proceeded to D.P.C. for dinner.
A large Hawai'ian pizza and three Dr. Peppers, which were switched beyond recognition, and Eleshia's ridiculous accent (caught somewhere between Wales and Sweden) made for a lot of fun and the following video is about the tail end of the dialect rant:

Yeah, it was a fun day with Eleshia and Emma and stuff and it was... yeah.

Other life things:
Been listening to more indie music.
Been driving and practicing.
Being excited about a lock in.

Shalom, Raya and May God Bless;
(Or was peace, love and chicken feet?)
Brent Matthew Lillard

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well, it's hear.
The second decade of the 21st Century.
The second best year of my life has passed to dawn the best year, yet, I'm sure.
The words oh-nine and oh-numeral have passed to replaced with twenty-ten and twenty-eleven.
I prayed, meditated, gave thanks for the year passed and what has yet to become.
It wasn't as "exciting" as last years celebration in the farmland of Suffolk, Virginia where we shot off fire works and had drinks but I feel like this New Years was peaceful, ready to kick off as even better year than the last.

In my personal life, 2009 ended with a blast of a month and the turn of the decade has dawned a year I look forward to taking part in.

Until next time I speak, I ask you to remember to do good work;
May God Bless You.
Happy New Year.
Raya & Shalom,
Brent Matthew Lillard