Friday, February 26, 2010

Life is good!

Wow, I'm actually going to talk about life!Life is good!
Things are pretty cool around here. (Literally and yet I've been running around in short sleeves for some stupid reason)
As far youth life goes, we've got a lock in coming up in Cape which I'm excited about. Though, as for other things I've got to do at church, I have to come up with a lesson for our Sunday School class in a few weeks. I've been studying the sermon on the mount recently and I think I've narrowed the subjects down to either Judgment and Equality or Searching (wanting, craving for answers, questions, challenges, good, ect.). I've got several verses from Matthew, Luke and Mark on both topics.
[This was the point where I was dragged off on lovely family matters]
[One House Later]
Okay, so that was a lovely little jont. Got a sandwich, some some relatives, got paraded, talked to my Girlfriend. Guess which part was my favourite.... ? ... ? ... Yeah, sandwich came in second.
No, seriously. As awkward as I am on the phone, I still enjoy talking to certain few people on the phone.
So not to bore you with the family business.... Yesterday i was to the Westpark in Cape to do some shopping. I required a new suit jacket or sports coat and some dress shoes, but while I was there I also a new book I'd been wanting to read for a long time.
Nineteen Eighty-Four; George Orwell's prophetic novel about a reversed utopia.
I'm going to have spend some time soaking in this classic.
I mean, yes, I'm already reading an eBook, but I'm tackling that at slightly slower pace.
Currently, I'm already reading Rob Bell's "Velvet Elvis, Repainting the Christian Faith". It's a really good examination of faith, I've been enjoying it. Ofcourse, I only have it as an eBook so I've been stuck to the PC when it comes to that book.
I think when I'm finished with that one I'm going to read his more recent "Drops like Stars". Though, "Sex God" looks interesting, I already attribute sexuality as a part of spirituality and vise-versa, basically as intertwining forces on the human agenda.
Plus, creativity and and suffering, the subjects of "Drops like Stars", have always been categories of my interest.
Sexuality was the catagory of my interest before I came out to myself as a pansexual.
As a person whose big on equality, sexuality willl always be in my interests; but more along the lines of sexual equality and respect as well as honesty to one's self about one's sexuality. All forms of equality are important to me, (race, sex, sexuality, gender identity, religion, appearance, so on) but that's one that hits close to home. End of rant.
Next Rant:
So yesterday my Macbook made the click of death and the Hard drive went kaput! Meaning I need to send it in again. I called Apple and I'm sending it off to them in a couples days.
Luckily, I mostly use the Macbook for cloud based things and for using iTunes. So I didn't lose much.
I mean, all my music was just then synced to my iPod, so I can save it. My calendar in iCal was merely synced with my Google Calendar, so nothing was lost there. All the pictures in iPhoto are backed up as actual images on my iPod. Really the only real hassle once I get it back will be manually inputing contacts and organizing iTunes and Adium. Though I did lose a couple movies, but I can handbrake them again since I own the DVDs.

So now that I've said all that's on my mind, I'm going to again leave you with a a final word:


Thunk you.

Raya + Shalom,
Brent Matthew Lillard

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