Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spacey, Dude!

So it's abotu 0600 and I can't sleep anymore so I was thinking, just now, about how we are made. No, not in the reproductive sense, I understand that just fine.
Although this does bring to mind a rather awkward conversation I had at my girlfriend's the other day.... ANYWAY!
So I was contemplating the concept that we humans are made mostly of empty space, and so is all matter.
You see, we are made of countless atoms and Atoms are made of subatomic particles. Well, an Atom has a core of clustered particles called a nucleus and around the nucleus there are these particles called electrons essentially popping all around the nucleus, not really orbiting it.
Well, here's the funny part: Between the electrons the nucleus is a large amount of space.
Atoms atoms are made mostly of space, all matter is made of atoms. Matter is made mostly of space. So you are made mostly of space.
Trippy, huh?

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