Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weird, silly and stormy night

Okay, so in the past several months a lot of weird stuff's happened to me.
Tonight is on the more silly and logical side of the spectrum but still weird.

So to start, I've met a bunch of people from the D.H.S. (Definitive Hysteria Syndrome) , I've found I get along with my G-F's-Ex almost famously, That my camera is like flashing trench-coat Jesus (Let the kids come forth), that HOUSE (1986, Steve Minor) is a cheesy movie, I've par taken in good conversation, eating at diner at 0212 and been locked out of my house and forced into my friend's instead.....

So, now I sit listening to my own remix of a Rammstein song in Kyle's "family room" at what the computer says is 3:33 Ante Meridiem.

I got some awesome pictures and funny video of everyone which will eventually find itself on YouTube and facebook.

So, on a random note, a song named "Crayons" by a talented and funny man name Matthew Woolfrey. So this would be a good time to talk about one of my favourite blogs:
It was written and sung in honor of the Leffew Family of Gay Family Values.
It's a really cute and deep song that starts out, from what I can tell, in the perspective of Jay and Brian's adopted children, talking about the fact that they are brought up in a fair and balanced house hold with morals, love and everything they could possibly need.
I'll embed the video bellow, for those who are on Facebook or if the video fails here is the link.

I really like Jay and Brian Leffew's video blogs on Youtube. They post at least once a week, have about five children, are active in the Gay Right's Movement and are open to taking questions. If you get the chance and are at all interested or curious about what a household with two father's looks like check out their YouTube at: Http://
Their influence has had a big part in my struggle when I was in the closet and they have been an inspiration for me to be proud and out about my pansexuality as well as to continue believing that their is hope for people like me and them in a world full of judgement and hatred.

So what else to talk about.... (Slipknot just started playing, what a change in mood from "Am I Blue" by Billie Holiday, 1929)

So, yeah, tonight was a lot of fun. Like I said I got to meet a few people I'd heard about, but never met(Steven and Blake and, I think, Sara[h?]).
I was oddly not as surprised as I thought I might be at how well got along with a couple of them.

And the video I got of Rachel attacking Alec was classic, as well as the rant about Hitler's diet.

Now, here's something that bugs me: How many time on the internet have you seen people make fun of Nazis, Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler? Okay? You got a massive number? (If not, go to 4chan)
Now, if you follow Celebrity News (which I don't, I heard about this when passing through my living room), you've probably heard of Jesse James' photo of him posing as Hitler at what was likely a party of "friends" involving some alcohol..... Now, out of the millions of people who pull stunts like this, they find a celebrity doing such a thing begin making claims that he's a sympathizer? I mean, seriously. I have friends, good friends, who make stabs at Nazism on occasion and no one throws a fit over it. I also have gone to Anime Conventions where thousands of people with thousands of cameras gather. I have seen people walking down the halls in full Nazi Germany uniforms. (Which, might I add, are fabulous uniforms. If nothing else, you have admit Hitler had excellent taste in fashion)
Now, I can't speak for Mr. James, but implying that he fancies Nazism based on a photograph like that seems awfully ungrounded.
I hate the American Media........ More than I hate Politics.

So, on a slight music rant, I'm currently listening to Norah Jones' new album, "The Fall", 2009, and it is excellent. I don't normally listen to stuff this mainstream, but Norah Jones has a very clean, mellow and raw sound to her music, which I appreciate most often in Indie music.
The first song I heard from this album was "Young Blood" which she played at the 9-9-9 Apple Keynote event (September 9, 2009) where she played the song for the first time live.

And lightening just struck so hard it shook this whole house and it's still going... ... ... wow!
2009/04/03/0426, this is Brent Matthew Lillard, I have experienced an encounter with electricity! Shiny~

Well, as it would seem, I have run out of things on my mind that I wish to share and this music is really soft and I'm kind of tired so I think I may meditate and pray and enjoy the thunder storm.
I love thunder storms, they remind me of my dad.

Goodnight or morning or day, depending on when you read this in your part of the world.

Good health, may God bless.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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  1. On American media. . .
    Of course its not JUST American media. Prince William (or some British prince), was lambasted in the European press for doing the Nazi thing at a costume ball.