Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kissing the distant oddities...

So I've spent the past three days in Graceland (Elvis Presley Museum) and Tunica (Horseshoe Casino) with my Mother, her three daughters (Cyndi, Cari and Barbi), one's husband (Jimmi), and my cousin (John).
It felt like ten...
And it seemed to me that our family was so out of sync this time. It through off my chi and I was out of sync with myself the whole time and, to be perfectly honest, I think I came off a bit rude while there.
Either way I had a lot of fun and enjoyed myself, even given the oddities and short comings of the trip.
I mean, Elvis knew how to live! I really enjoyed the tour of the estate and had a lot of laughs and, honestly, I was little emotionally tugged at the end.
I mean, I know I'm too young to have seen him, but I wish I could have. He was a source of such talent and such individuality, even into the seventies. I mean, yeah, the jump suits and sideburns were a bit worrisome, but he was would grown out of them by the eighties.
And such a handsome man. lol
While in Tunic we also went on a river boat ride out on the Mississippi. It was beautiful and fun and the Captain was pretty funny. We got to go into the channeled the sent the river water for the floating Casinos (because in the state of Mississipi, your casino MUST be floating on Mississippi river water) because of the flood level.

Though, I was glad to be home. I got my computers turned on when I came home and listened to some LOUD music for a few minutes then decided I needed to walk. So I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and called my Girlfriend to ask if she and I could hang for a bit before church. First attempt I called in a meeting-thing.... Then she called me back and it was all cool.
So I walked, met her, received glomp of doom, went to church, watched a great lecture by Rob Bell (Everything is Spiritual), Emma and Mrs. Elke dropped me off and after finishing up my settling in, I crashed life F-14 Tomcat with a drunken pilot and missing wing.

Needless to say, though, I was in a considerably better mood.

That's my week thus far.
I'm going to go put a shirt on and straighten my hair a little before devo.
Thanks for reading.

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