Monday, June 28, 2010

Walking away like a drunk

So, tonight was and is great! I went to dinner at El Tap with my Girlfriend, Emma, and we talked for like three hours about the weirdest stuff.
Now I'm listening to Foo Fighters with the occasion Sean Lennon chaser, for that indie/psychodelic feel, chatting with my long time friend, Cheri, and writing a blog.
Overall good date, good Mexican food, great conversation, a good kiss, good friends and good music. Good night!

Anyway, recap!
So I went to New York and came back. I did a lot with Barbi (birth-momster) during the second week.
Visited High Point, an obelisk on top of a mountain where Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey all meet.
Limped about the entire southern half of Central Park in one evening.
Had great Korean Barbecue.
Saw an awesome band in SoHo. (Strange Rivals) Very Psychodelic, I liked it.
Saw Phil, met Craig, met Gil who cut my hair.
Got a hair cut. Insert picture below.
Anyway, I may post some video (since I got so much) in the near future. But I'm like really lazy with my editting any more.


Well, I've run out of stuff to share, more to come later this week. Hopefully better content.

Love and peace,
Brent Matthew Lillard

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