Sunday, June 20, 2010


So, I am in New York in general areas around the city.
The plane was originally delayed for three hours and my connecting flights got change twice and when I got onto the Atlanta to laGuardia plane I was rushed and they forgot to scan my ticket meaning they did not know I was on the plane.
But, I made it alive.
Stayed the first night at Barbi's (Birth Mom) apartment in Jersey and we ate edamame and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and slept in after the long trip.
So a lot's happened through out the week.
Spent most of my week across the city near Suffolk, Long Island where my my Aunt lives.
It's been fun and enlightening.
I'm not really sure what to talk about this time, really.
Everything on this trip seems jumbled together as a great big pot of good
SO while I've been here I've enjoyed the food. I hardly ever get sushi these days so I got that Friday night with my Aunt and the day before I got my Greek fix as well.
Through out the week I've gone to the bookstores and I've bought some new books.
A hard copy of Velvet Elvis (Rob Bell), Solanin (a great 28 chapter manga by Inio Asano), MegaTokyo Volume 4 and some other stuff.

While I was at the Barnes & Noble in Jersey, when we were killing time before heading through the City (because for those who don't know, the traffic is unlike anything you've seen. If you've never driven it, you just don't know) to Long Island, I bought a manga one shot called Salonin which caught my eye by it's art style. So I pulled it down from the book shelf and read the back of it, liked the concept and bought it. It's a slice of life character story that starts about a young Japanese couple living in Tokyo after college. They both have part time jobs and struggle with owning an apartment and surviving in suc a fast pace city are not really quite sure what to do with their lives and really just want to drop the orthodox and do what they WANT! So they figure it all out and hold onto their not quite sane but extremely sweet romance.
I haven't finished it, but so far it's been really, really good and the art style is really refreshing.
It's a Viz Signatures graphic novel, and art and story is by Inio Asano.

I also was able to grab something while at the mall something I can add to the yet finished Go/Baduk board for Emma's birthday. I know it's like a month, but I never go to the Mall except maybe once every quarter, so I figured I would get it now.
Also got my Weekend video made yesterday for Seven Simple Minds, so no worries on that.
Last night I went out to dinner with Cyndi, my Aunt, and it was rather enlightening and reconnecting.

So anyway, I've stuff to do and I've still got another week to go.
So more details next weekend and that's all I wanted to share with you today.
So catch you next time.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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