Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Job... maybe.

To the picture in this blog you see my calendar. My Google Calendar and my mouse about to click iCal, which I use to sync my Google Calendars to my iPod as well as my alarm clock, lol.
Why am I actually needing to open iCal since I do all my stuff on Google? Hmmm.... I wonder why.
Because those orange blocks are a new Calendar, oh yes. For my job! =D

So Today I was sleeping in and I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating so I grabbed it and answered it with "Yo!" to which a southern dialect responded , "Is this Brent Lillard?"
I popped up like a meer cat and said, "Yes, sir!"
So I rushed, showered, straightened my hair, polished all my brass tacks and made my way to a Job interview. Essentially, if I pass a physical exam Monday then I have a job and after twelve weeks I work the graveyard shift.
I am ecstatic! I get decent pay, a health plan and once I start working the graveyard shift I'll be on a decent schedule, including free afternoons.
Plus, it's not too far so the walk isn't too hot during my morning shift (which wont be hot, anyway, since it's at sunrise).

Anyway, all is good so long my knee doesn't "go out" or something, As Emma had told me with a poke. Side note, she's off to Germany this morning and likely waking up right now since she's got well about day of plane travel to Eastern Europe. So, I wished her safe travel yesterday and what not.

On the subject of my friends, my friend Eleshia is funny. Just funny. I can't explain why, but just accept it. Eleshia.... I don't think I've mentioned her so much here, given her unusually spelled, but rather pretty name. She is an awesome friend and with an "Awkward Sexy" sense of morbid humour. It rocks.

So I finally watched Pixar's UP at our youth group's movie night last night and it was really good, sweet and funny. It was actually comparably deep for a Pixar film with it's rather sad and depressing ending. Though the film was quite spirit lifting in it's rebellious nature shown through an old man who was never able to meet his full potential as a young man when he was incredibly in love with a woman, an adventure and dream.
While classic Pixar films like Toy Story and Monster's Inc have been relatively happy through out with touches of darkness and dark humour, I really enjoyed the touches of human nature and deflating discontent that the film showed before entering into a adventure of rebellious nature channeled through Carl Fredricksen.

To end this one I'd like to stop on a funny note.
Go Check out the OldSpice Channel on Youtube and check out the Responces playlist.
Isaiah Mustafa is incredibly funny.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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