Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You will be a doctor, haha! Dr. Brent

SO t o start things off, I just got through with a funny conversation with my dear Friend Eleshia (who is away in the north west) about colleges.
I said I would have my Associates by 2012 which sparked her "romantic obsessive" qualities on "YOU SHOULD GO TO THE SAME COLLEGE AS EMMA!"
To which I responded that even if I did: 1. she's going to be a scientist and I'm going to be a philosopher; Academically those don't mix very often. 2. Because of one, even if I did go to the same college, in another two years (2014) I would be heading off to Seminary while my college friends go to their physics interested universities.
So we had our back and forth in which she called me a dork.
But I'm not a dork. I'm a nerd, yes, but I'm dead serious. I have around a decade of studying to do.
1.7 years for my Associates in Religious Studies (A.R.S?)
I suppose that beats BJ (Bachelors in Journalism)
2 years for my Bachelors in Philosopher (B.Phil)
Maybe in forty years I can claim the name Dr. Phil? lol
2 more years for my Masters in Divinity (M.Div)
MmmmmmmMMMMMMmm'mmm Div! yum~
Even more time for my Doctorate in Philosopher (Ph.D.)

So last night my girlfriend and I went see Eclipse. Now I had decided that I wasn't going to go see it, mainly because I just wasn't interested. But then my friend Shane had told met that the effects and battles were awesome, so it peaked my interest.
So I when Emma said she wanted to see it (Because she already seen the others) we went for it. It was actually pretty fun.
The action was stupendous with great hounds tearing apart metal like vampires in a great field and on a mountain. The narrative was a bit jumpy (in a lurch sort of way). The Jacob fan service was yummy. Robert Pattinson seemed awkward and strained in the role and shared little chemistry with Kristen Stewart who, too, seemed to be straining with her furrowed brows as she kept creating an awkward scene out what was supposed to be dark or funny. While the leads bombed Taylor Lautner's charm and lovable puppy like arrogance was a bit too brash in contrast to the the dull beings that surrounded him, thus making him seem out of place. I have to say, unfortunately, Lautner's role as Jacob was my favourite part of the film, simply because of his charm and smartness that added life to an otherwise dull or awkward world where the occasion battle actually made up for the bad acting.
The added pleasure of having my girlfriend on my arm who I shared a rather hysterical commentary with made the movie that much more funny, given we were occasionally distracted by a simply vulgar commentary behind us in which Miss Stewert, as much as I disliked her performance, was undeservingly referred to as a slut several times through the film loudly directly behind us.
I did a have a moment of joy during the credits where I stood up and turned to my enemies and said "If you can't respect the theatre or the movies then respect those seated around you"
To which the numb-skull responded with a heavy lisp, "You should have thitting if front of uth then!" That made confronting him SO worth it.
After all, in twenty years when I'm sitting on my back porch and drinking my unsweetened tea, while cross examining the Quran, they'll likely be cleaning leaves out of my gutters.

So, I just got back from Lowe's Hardware in Sikeston where I bought two 1x20x20 boards to further cut, score, burn, stain, finish and sand into a regulation sized Go board for Emma's 16th birthday.
Since I got the boards two inches larger than I imperially needed, I'm going to make the remainder of my measurements in Metric to ensure accuracy.
Let's face it, the Imperial system while easy to those who grew up with it is barbaric and confusing compared to a system that used 10s and 1000s....

So while at the moment on a J-Rock and Filipino Rap tangent, I think I may put up the money for the Eclipse soundtrack, since I liked the last two soundtracks and the latest was dark (which I like) and kept to the style.

So, that's all I wanted to share with you this fine day, thanks for reading.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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