Monday, July 19, 2010

You're so special, but I'm a creep...

I've decided to turn off my computer for five weeks. I'll only use the internet once a day to take my daily booth picture (since I'm doing the 1 picture a day until I get my doctorate) and to check my e-mail.
I just need to disconnect and whether it takes all of five weeks or just a few day, I'm drowning in connectivity and while suffocating without air.
Not a real problem, I just have to disconnect and stand out in the breeze. Also let my room cool down since it's heated by an old computer with a very hot processor. That's not even a joke.
I suppose one of these day's I'll log on and post a blog.
Blogging is important to me, it's not apart of what drowns me. I think I don't blog because of that connectivity.
Without a spiritual center, my balance is off.
Kind of like my physical balance, really. I have a bad knee, due to an accident a couple years ago. At first it didn't seem so bad, I was severely distracted by some realizations in my life. But in time after letting it get away from me, and once I had the chance to focus on other things besides my old distractions, I had formed a limp and now I walked about half the time in a pattern. Though I have a rather radical sense of balance and gravity, as my friends have noted by my handling and swaying, I tend to fall now because I am unbalanced by my leg.

So while I am an idealist for the internet and I love being connected, I just need a break.

Again, not a big deal, I just have to press a button and unplug a machine.
It's just the internet. Just a mass network that connects us all. But we have so much more connecting us.

And we are all connected. To each other, biologically. To the Earth and our solar system, chemically. To the rest of universe, atomically. That means something quite spiritual and humbling to me.
We shouldn't need an electronic network to remind us of that.
But it's still really amazing, the internet. I mean it's amazing that with every tap of my keyboard someone out there is "connecting" with my perspective. They, you, may not agree with everything or anything I say, but you are reading. That means on some obscure level we've connected.
That's the type of connectivity I cannot drown in.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
So, please comment. Not because I want the respect or record of having readers. I know I have readers. I don't want record, I want response. I do not care about the numbers, I care about the people.

With that in mind, I also need to clean my computer of all the dust it's collected and allow my room to cool off. Jeeze.... One old tower and a laptop in a shut off room does make a difference. Nexttime, I'm going with Water cooling and routing into another room. Maybe I wont, but that would be funny.

For those of you on the web who know of no other way to reach me, shoot me an e-mail:
My dailybooth by the way is the same as my Twitter, Youtube and a number of other things. SAKUTOnoSai

Wont be facebook or youtube or anything like that in while.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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