Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jacking to one's own voice

So today was a lovely day at work. I passed out from the heat just before lunch, but I got back on the line and work very quickly.
Then the Big boss man moved me to the back in a place called tree city where I worked until 3/1500 when I left.

I got to call Emma today, which was was oddly calming. Though only for a few minutes as her father was coming home and she hadn't seen him yet, apparently, since her return.
For reference, Sunday she returned from Germany, arrived in Memphis and sent me a Text that made me almost fall on my back, while I was in a chair.

So last wednesday, I was working a rather fun line when a group of people who just kept laughing. It was the hottest day thus far and we were being both productive keeping each other's morale on high. Until I slipped on the oil and slammed the back of my head into a metal switch board.
I got up and, because the part I had been rigorously trying to remove from my machine had hit my head, went to the nurse to get the scratch on my face bandaged.
I got back on the line, dizzy as hell, and worked the rest of the day. Until I fell out from the heat, and after I came too and cooled off the room would not top spinning enough for me to maintain balance.
So in the end I was sent home.
Thursday I woke up and hit off my alarm and I was floored. I sat for thirty minutes on my floor unable to stand up. I could not maintain any balance. I could barely sit up. So I called into work and said I was going to the clinic.
My doctor (Somers, I think) said I hada minor concussion that was directly effecting the "Otoliths" or something. He compared it to an internal gyroscope.
So he kept me out of work until Monday.
And today I pass out. Lovely.
I still have a head ache though....

On another note. YAY CALIFORNIA! It's over at last!
I have to say, I applaud the Governator.
I know, I'm late on the celebration of the end of Prop.8, but I've been distracted by all sorts of stuff. Either way, still very happy.
I'm still waiting for national equality, though.
Either way, I say to all of you:
No matter what.
Race, Sex, Sexuality, Nationality, Heritage. So long as you are proud and stand up for equality, you will eventually see it.
Then again, I am a starry-eyed idealist.

Last Friday I met with my friend, Shane, and we hung out for a while, drove to Cape for Sushi, talked for a while about everything (which was really refreshing) and he stayed the night before going back to Bloomfield. So we watched Burn Notice until like 0400.
It was a lot of fun.
Shane is the kind of guy who is very proud of who he is. We sat and talked abotu all sorts of things, about our lives, our loves, our agreements, our disagreements.
Sometimes it's just good to enjoy a good meal and talk to one of your closest friends about everything. So refreshing. Especially with food as refreshing sushi.

So this was random. I'm going to sleep.
Then I'm going to work. Maybe after that I'll get a call from Emma. Maybe I'll get attacked explosively by an Eleshia. Maybe I'll just relax.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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