Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Eleventh Commandment

Thou shalt not buy an iPad.
No, I will happily buy one if I ever have the money to spare. However, if I were designing a competing tablet, I'd name said tablet the Eleventh Commandment. Complete with all the fixings of 3G/4G, gyroscopes, accelerometers and likely a non-phone adaptation of Android if I could so get away with it.
In a more serious note, I think the Eleventh Commandment is demonstrate love to all life, humanity and forms of intelligence.

Bless all forms of intelligence.
50 points to anyone who gets that reference.

So, I am in a good mood these days. My relationship is going great, her and I happily snuck her out a couple nights ago and hung out for a couple of hours, just talking really. A failed trip to MacDonalds (which was blasphemously closed before 0100) led to us just relaxing until I took her home.
Speaking of which, I want a sweet tea. A little known fact about me is that I always drink my tea unsweet, a trait I got from watching my dad which I grew to very much enjoy. I think unsweet tea is very refreshing. Sugar weighs me down, I feel. Very odd. But once in a while I get a craving for sweet tea and this is one of those times.
Luckily no one woke up to notice she was gone, leaving or coming back. YAY!
On a slight guy rant, I have to say that it's nice being able to lay down beside a girl and hold her close and just relax.
I live for the relaxing moments as much I live for the unexpected ones. Those moments when time itself does not stand still but doesn't matter anyway. But it's just calm, no storm, no after worry. Just calm.
I'm a paranoid type. I've been taken advantage of and lied to so many times I worry about things I shouldn't when I have something or someone that makes me happy, so that calm just lifts the paranoia and pressure away.

Girls are soft. Very soft. I like the soft. In contrast, I like the firm touch of a guy. Get your mind of the gutter! I mean, I have a friend who is bisexual and likes softer guys, likes them a little squishy around the edges. Not my thing, not at all. But then again, I like girls who have curves. There IS such thing as a girl who's too skinny. Now if you take in my last four girlfriends you would note that they are all curved in a very nice fashion. Mind you, I aim for spiritual and personal connections more than physical ones, seeing as I am who I am. Being who I am, this not a huge issue.
But in conclusion, girls are soft. I like soft. I also like curves... and hips. Ha ha.
On that note, I have to link the latest Questionable Content post by Jeph Jacques:

So recently my Mother-Unit and I were going through the garage and discovered some things we've yet to unpack since moving. Like my old star wars toys, which I am saving to make a retro/vintage star wars wall in a few years (when 90s becomes vintage). And my first baseball, something I have protected since I located in when I was nine after moving the to Suffolk, Va. And I located a stack of my PlayStation 2 games I'd been looking for for a couple of months. So this week I've been kind of dedicated to playing my PS2 for about 3 hours a day beating each game in it's entirety. Ace Combat 5, which I've shelved again as of today. James Bond: Nightfire.
But what I'm excited about is Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies. Five years ago something happened to the disc, something which I've yet to diagnos, that kept it from even loading the title screen. So I shelved it after a year of trying to use it. Well, Tuesday I found it and wiped it down and popped it in and BOOM! I hear the chorus: "I have so far to go" and it's loading! So I nailed all the levels in two days, with plenty of breaks. I have a life. I'm just really good at those games. But what salts the wound is that I can't load the last level. I've beaten all 17 levels but the last one wont load. Mind you that the last level is the easiest for me to play because when I was thirteen and still victim to the effects of my asbergers syndrome I would spend hours upon hours end playing that level. Now, after a dedicated four hours of game play spread out over two days, I can't even load the last and easiest level...... And it has an epic operatic electronic music inspired by Mozart's Requiem of Agnus Dei and Rex Tremendae too! (Of couse being the geek that I am I already have the soundtrack to the game on iTunes.)
But it's the gratification of playing a game through and beating it. Not even that, though! It's the story of the game. A beautiful story! Which is why I love the games so much. They have a challenge and good game play and beautiful story and thought our universe.
But geek rant over!
I just found that kind of annoying that I get my favourite game to work then the last level dies on me.

On another funnier note, I was directed to an extremely gay music video the other day by a friend. While generally and overly homosexual and grotesque in it's crude humour, which I don't really care for, it lead me to discovering a music artist whom I now very much want to hear more of. He produces dance and club music, has done a number of awesome covers and is ripped, has graying hair and sharp facial features. I did a general search, like I always do for musical artists I discover and Colton Ford happens to be a former same-sex adult film actor. A gay porn star.
Now, I don't have a problem with this! You know, that's a paying job. He's since become a musical artist, he's very easy of the eyes and even more so on the ears.
I just thought it was hysterical, I broke into laughter when I read that.
Point is, I found a cover he did of the R.E.M. song, "Losing My Religion" and it has a super trippy music video, which I will include below at the end of the blog for those of you who read my blog via RSS or on the blogSpot.

Thank you kindly for reading and may God Bless,
Brent Matthew Lillard

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