Saturday, September 11, 2010

I have a "Lover"? Ugh... Blogger's Nightmare.

For those of you who need to make fun of the cliché in the title, go the comments sections and have a ball. Throw the book at me! I don't mind the credit. Ha ha ha!

Well, I am now seeing someone. Yes, I have a quick bounce back time, I'm a water sign. I adapt quickly to change and go with the flow, but I attach myself to others very much so as an unfortunate side effect. The latter is beside the point!
Now, because of the difficulties of being a live blogger and knowing for sure that there a small number who read this, I am not going to say her name out of respect of her opinions.
Being a nerd who has, on several very confusing occasions, been called hot and attractive, this day was sure to come that I would meet someone who finds me speaking directly of them on the public domain somewhat discommodious.
Every life blogger's worst nightmare, yes? I spend an hour or two every few days typing out about what I find important in life or just the rigamarole of everyday like and I can't include in it a part of my life that I find very important.

Well, she's cool, though. She don't mind me talking so much as I don't through out her full name. She's super cute, beautiful, shy, flamboyant as all get out, fun hang out with, interesting, honest. A real winner. Of course I don't choose losers as you well know, if you're been paying attention.
We spend a lot of time together, like fair amount of the same things. We both agree on the things that count like honesty, faith in one another, making things count, having a free spirt, gay rights.
She has a total free spirit. It's like a splash of colour on a black and white canvas, mind you I like black and white painting, but I like something unexpected. I like living because you never know what comes next. I suppose that comes with being a water sign and being quick to adapt.
I don't know what music she's directly into, yet. She like just about everything, but everyone has a vice. But still a lot to come.
And for the sake of full disclosure and adding a bit of jocularity. She's a good kisser. Always a plus.

So anyway in other news.
I'm looking for a job and, gods, do I need one. The good news is I got my money back from insurance and bought a new car. Chevy Impala, sort of an off white. Cheapest car on the lot that was worth paying anything for.
The trouble with it is I dented it parking lot because I'm used to having a larger car. The Cobalt is tiny, the Impala has like two feet atleast on it. Which really throws me off.

Anyway, rant over.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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