Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The date

So. To start, I have my glasses.
Today I went to see The Social Network with Dalton on a date. No I don't think he cared for it very much, but it was a great in my opinion.
I really like all the aspects of the building of facebook by Mark Zuckerberg concerning code and all the technical aspect of the movie. The humor was excellent, classy, a bit crude in the sexual sense. But I will never forget the poor chicken and the fact that the chicken is a racing chicken. The story, while heavily fictionalized was quite good and I appreciated the fact that they did not demonize or make Mark Zuckerberg into a bad guy. In fact the movie placed him in a role that was deserving of sympathy.
My biggest problem with the movie was exactly what it was before I saw it. 1: While he wasn't a villain, they dehumanized the hacker and made him an asberger's case ten times as heavy as my syndrome. Mark Zuckerberg is NOT a robot. 2:The story was heavily fictionalized and made his out to be a social starved human being in need for social standing and sex with lots of girls. However, in reality he's been with the same girl since before he made Facebook or even Facemash. And Erika Albright does not exist. 3: they sped up the movie making every sentence rushed and making the movie fast and non-stop and bit tiring. it also made Mark seem more robotic.
On a side note, here is an article from 2003 on Havard about the real Facemash:

Anyway, the date was great! We got some good laughs from an otherwise nerdy movie then took off down some random roads out into the middle no where!
We pretty just drove around way out in the country for a couple hours listening to music and talking about all sort of things from music, life, family and racing chickens.
He's a relatively good kisser, too. Haha, I know that's no the usual subject matter here, but admittedly, I'm tired and I need sleep and I really enjoyed what little kissing we did.
But anyway, we had a lot of fun and got lost and ended up out past Bloomfield before we drove out into another deep area of nowhere and almost ran into a parked old rusting train. It was freaky! I was driving, we were talking then, bang, there was a big train in front of me and we came to a complete stop from driving twenty miles an hour. So after that I was a bit shaken so we stopped and just hung otu until I felt like moving again.
Dalton has great music taste, although it's a bit more mainstream than mine. He's not as much of a nerd, but he appreciates the nerditude and geekity. He's all around interesting and really fun to talk to.
I suppose if I had to pinpoint a flaw it would be his silliness, but I have no clout to dog on that considering my history. In fact, it demonstrates a highly commendable trait of being comfortable in his own skin. A trait that I wish I saw in more people.
In the end, we ended up eating dinner at the diner and being total weirdos before I dropped him off.

Anyway, that's my night and I'm really, really, really tired and I need sleep, so goodnight world!

Brent Matthew Lillard

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