Thursday, November 25, 2010

Annoyances of the church.....

So, if you will bare with my theological examination, I heard a teacher in a church of a conservative denomination recently speak of a time when Israel reigned hell on another ancient civilization some thousands of years of years ago. THis other society was a corrupt and cowardly society that would attack Israel when the armies were away and steal from the elderly, women and children.
In the stories, God said to destroy the entire society. The first time, the isrealis left the children alive. So generations later, under a new name, he civilization continued reigning terror on Israel's weak.
So in one fell swoop of genocide, Israel wiped t he civilization of the face of the earth and there hasn't been mention of the society since.

Now, in context, I understand that those were primitive times where entire societies were born and destroyed constantly. I mean, today if we are attacked by another Nation, it is only natural that we invade to quell the source before our people are further harmed. So, while not at all moral, it is logical that genocide was chosen, because they had learned from their past experiences.

So upon asking him about God being a loving god, he responded in saying that "God loved the israeli's more than the other people."
I wasn't convinced.
Jesus and his followers believed that God was love. Genesis describes God mostly as a creator who loved all he created. They followers of Jesus spread their faith among gentiles, because they believed, as I do, that God loves every in the same quantity.
I myself see love as a constant, but that as humans we see it's many forms and try to quantify it as such

That being said, I don't think God plays favourites. God loves me as much he loves the meth dealer in Bernie and as much as he loves the Atheists who thinks I'm clinically delusional.
God loves the Buddhists as much as the Muslims as much as the Hebrew.
But that's just my beliefs and my beliefs do not require you to believe.

Much love,
Brent Matthew Lillard

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