Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shellacking the votes.

I love that Mr. Obama refers the midterm vote counting as Shellacking. It's quite accurate, really. Better than Mr. Bush's "Thumpin'".
Varnishing his term, maybe?
I dunno!
As a relatively conservative and liberal bisexual, God loving, gun hugging, gum chewing, anti-racism, anti-socialist (in the american sense) individual, I hope the Republicans in office will at least TRY to work with the Democrats and vice verse.
I know both party are complete collective political ass hats that don't even try to agree on anything (not even on disagreeing, Mr. O'Reilly) so I half expect the next two years to be a complete failure.
All the work in favour of gay rights will be set back. The attempts to bring troops home or at least form a better, more direct attack on our organized and illegal enemies will be thrown from left and right and off target because the frakking politicians wont stay the hell out of the military's business. The economy will continue it's plunder either into socialism or capitalism and will only help the rich bastards at the top of the food chain while I'm looking for Missouri state issued food stamps! Yay!
I mean, let's face it. The democrats are socialists and strategical idiots. The republicans are rich capitalists and over zealous bigots.
As I've said before, Bigotry is seconded only to Hypocrisy.
Then again, I want to have hope! Obama is very good walking the line and if he's smart, he'll listen even if his conservative counterparts wont. Equally, I'm hope the conservative members of congress will hear out their liberal counterparts in house who wont listen.
If nothing else, this will be a monumental point of history that decide a lot of factors in my life in the near future.
And don't get me started on Prop. 19 in California.
I know I promised never to talk about politics, but then again I didn't talk about my political views much.
Either way, this is why I voted one in all parties.
Both sides of the fence have something to offer. One side has green alfalfa but the other has more green grass and dandelions.
While I don't like the Tea Party organization, I do like what was formerly their number one rule: Principle before Party.
We should all think about our principles before the party. It's not about republican of democrat! Either sad is full of zealous hypocritical asshats and they both bring something to the table.
It's about which candidate is better, but because of the parties, the ven diagrams of the two candidates have grown farther and farther apart when far right and far left are both bad choices.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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