Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm in New York.

Hey guys, I know it's been a while but a lots been going on.
In short I'm happily living in New York now, about an hour out of the city on Long Island.
My aunt came down to Missouri and help me pack and by last Saturday I was here and unpacking.
I have a nice room with a large desk and I'm staying with my aunt and looking for a job.
My mother is planning to move into a retirement area probably near a beach on the east coast on some tropical island.
I swear, as much as I rag on her about her views and as defiant as I may be around her, I do respect her. She's been raising kids since 1960 and hasn't stopped until this year. The mother finally retires.
Anyway, she just called me and told me about this Android Tablet she bought and I'm going to ask one of my friends (probably Shane or Arthur) to set her up a wireless network in house.
I'm enjoying my new home.
It's chilly, but I like cold and gloomy. It cheers me up. But I think I'm going to miss the thunderstorms of the flatlands and mid-coast.
Before I left, I hung a lot with my hacker friend Arthur and we rebuilt my old PC to run Ubuntu (Linux) and I was able to save my old files from the PC.
I also hung with Shane as much as possible before I vanished. We went out for Sushi and hung out the night before I had to go pick up my Aunt from the St. Louis Airport.
As far as my writing goes for my novel, I'm writing everyday. I try to meet a quota of 1,000 or 2,000 words every session and I think I may have it finished by August.
Anyway, more details and stuff to come. I just wanted to inform you all of my business.
THe drive here, by the way, was incredible. A lot of fun. I drove the whole way, too. It was quite an experience. I expected New York traffic to be worse, considering the way my Aunt talks about it.
Then again, I've come here for how many years? I should recognize patterns better than that.

As always, much love and may God bless.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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