Sunday, January 30, 2011

Network and Wordcount

Okay, so I'm still looking for work, have no friends and apparently other people living here think I'm some a black hat. Right.
On a lighter note I've been wasting my time with gameboy games like Pokémon, Yellow and modding.
I'm considering getting an embedded processor and programming to run my PlayStation2 controller as a U.S.B. human interface device.
In short, I want to make an PS2 controller into a U.S.B. gamepad for Macintosh.
There aren't any game pads for Macintosh and it's really a pain.

On a simpler note, I made a run to ®adio Shack to buy an eighth inch jack so I could hook up a pair of Sony Speakers I found in the basement.
Now, I have a great stereo built from a Sony subwoofer, an off-brand stereo set that I modded and a Dell 2.1 set that I modded. Unfortunately it's hooked up to my Apple router so I can use it for Music over AirPlay. So it's music only, which is nice if I'm playing a game because I can have the game sounds come from the computer and music come from the surrounding stereo.
But for video and games, the internal speakers were too tinny. SO I wired up the stereo jack to the left and right channels, decided not to solder and wired up the speakers.
Turns out they have good mid range and low rage.

Because my main novel is running really high on the word count, I've decided to shelf it as an epic and expand my novella and see if I can publish it as a novel first. I'm making point of writing everyday for an hour or for 1,000+ word count.
If I can make a name for myself, no matter how small, I figure I can try my hand at publishing the first part of my Epic.
I'm pretty proud of this story, though. It's structure and style is very different from the Epic, but takes place in the same universe and has echoes of the themes of the Epic.

Anyway, that's my brain,
Brent Matthew Lillard

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