Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wow, a lot of stuff!

So recently I went into the city (last Sunday) with my friend's Amanda and Jay (wife and husband team) who were taking Amanda's theatre kids to see Avenue Q on Broadway.
The show was awesome.
My girlfriend Amanda was there also, as she is one of Amanda's students.
Yes, I'm dating my friends' wife's student.
Go figure.
So in recap, Jay and Amanda are like my local friends, but I think so far they are the closest friends I have here thus far. Jay having taken me on his nerdy apprentice as it were in Bailey's and Amanda being the knitting ninja of DOOM! who I would entrust my most powerful dice with.
Maybe even my totem. (Figure that one out)
Amanda, my girlfriend, is this really, really cool cute pink hair hobbit (I say because she is short and adorable and funny). We've been together for about a month and half and while we've had a really rock start, this seems to the best thing I've had with someone.
Honestly, this just furthers my belief in honesty and transparency, because the succes of this so far has proven to be communication, honesty and simply her not putting up with my crap and me not letting her keep her problems to herself.
Logically speaking, this has been a positive influence on my life, really reminding me to be self aware and putting me back on track in trying to better myself. A goal I set for myself when I quit taking my synthetic meds four years ago.
Also, there is Jason, my spikey haired wolf boy. Who has proven to be a good spiritual counterpart. My friendship with him should prove to be interesting.
More on all that later.
So the Avenue Q show on broadway was great. Hysterical, even! And a little bit racist. Sometimes.
Since I've had this job at the NAPCO factory in Amityville for five weeks, I decided to spend money last week and splurge. So I bought some teas in the city, Akira book 1 from Midtown Comics (20% off) and other such goodies. Also bought some tea with my Amanda Tuesday while I was up getting a haircut from Luda.
Luda, by the way, LOVED Amanda. Amanda, as I mentioned, has pink short hair. While it could use some revision, later, it compliments her face as she has a round face.
Luda, by the way, is my crazy hair artist at Regis Salon at the Walt Whitman mall and I do mean that she is an Artist.
After she cut and styled my hair and after I paid, she grabbed my girlfriend, sat her down in the chair and gave her a minor free trim on an uneven side of her hair. Then proceeded, while I was standing five feet from the chair, making some final adjustments to my hair, lol.
Really funny.
So as far as my job goes, I'm working full time as Setup in Amityville and it's going really well and pay is excellent. Infact my foreman, a very nice dominican gentleman who's name I don't know how to spell (it's like Moth or Molta, I haven't seen it written), gave me the customary fist bump for a successful die installation today.
The work can be anywhere from hard to stimulating to simply occupying and the environment is really nice.
I know that I can't work there forever, I wouldn't forgive myself if I made it my life, but it's a really nice place for me right now.
Also, in the five weeks I've been there, I've noticed that my muscle mass has at least doubled in my arms. I've recieved comments on the increased tone and just looking at my left forearm it's broader.
I'm not much for the work out scene, but it's definitely been a positive physical improvement.
This weekend is going to be busy, as most of mine are.
Tomorrow night, Amanda is coming over for dinner.
Saturday is her nineteenth birthday so I'm taking her to long beach and to dinner and staying with her through Sunday.
Memorial day is with the family and Tuesday is back to work.

Anyway, I have to sleep so goodnight.

Good night, good health, & may God bless,
Brent Matthew Lillard