Sunday, June 5, 2011

It moves me....

Have you ever just sat still and heard the silence? That high frequency you never here, the ringing of the body's internal clockwork, upset only by the clicking of keys.
I don't often enjoy the silence. I'm not one to sit still. I rarely meditate, sometimes pray and few times sit still.
Sitting still is not doing nothing. To think is what breaks us apart from the other beings we surround ourselves with, even other people.
There is this feeling I have and it moves me. It's a feeling of purpose and of new and exciting reality. It's one I've had for almost two months.
That feeling can come from people. A person that moves my soul, inspiring everything from awe to the muse of humble art.
That feeling can grow with the advent of purpose or income. The ability to fend.
That feeling just burns like white hot when opportunity arises to create.
Pure creation is so fantastic.
I have an opportunity to create for my life. Artistry is what I've always wanted and now I think I'm going to aim for it again.
This simple job of machining and the maintaining machines is boring and has no future, but it will get me through until I make a name for myself.
Writing is where my mind is let loose to create entire worlds and through my hands is where the depths of my mind spit my psychedelic dreams into images and that's what makes me happy.
It lets me move the world when I've been moved to far.
And, being the hopeless romantic that I am, I am inspired by she who moves my soul. The quaking, sky shattering feeling that I get from people simply collapses under her pressure.
I mean right and right now I am inspired like I have never been before and it's only been getting better.
It's time to make the world collapse under my pressure.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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