Thursday, October 6, 2011


One of the greatest, if not the most influential, visionaries of our time has left us for good.
He was powerful in a way that touched the hearts of those who hadn't even met but still admired him, charismatic in a way unrivaled by any politician and wise in ways that many cannot ever grasp.
He was an amazing businessman, a visionary beyond words and a good human being. May he rest peacefully and if there such thing as the great here after, God bless him.
Steve Jobs, while I have made spoken my piece against you many times and frowned upon your many corporate masteries, like many have before me. I admire you. You will be missed even by underlings such as myself, if not mostly by us.
I look forward to seeing what legacy you left behind for your successor to complete.
You have inspired me as well as others to strive for more than simply success.
You made the computer into a bicycle for my brain to make the world that much more interesting.
So if there is such thing as the here after as I so very much believer there is, you will be missed, but you will never cease to inspire me.

May God bless Steve Jobs.

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