Saturday, November 5, 2011


The title a is a throwback to the Edward Sharpe song that's playing as I write. I've begun work on my playlist of this month so I'm compiling a list of songs with remorseful tonalities and such. I dunno why but I have the feeling something sad is approaching. Like a brokenness that opens the mind to something new or exciting or both.   •   It's like that screaming voice in the depths of your soul or heart screaming out a warning, only I don't quite understand how this could be a silence before any storm.   •   I'm always running around, searching for a simple quarter or dollar just carry in my pocket, always with the lovely Jenna, or at school being badgered by Professer Kolossus or yammered at by another and excited for work.  It seems as though, at this point, while I find imminent enjoyment from everything, I just don't really seem to like where I am and I'm not sure what it is.   •   Now, don't get me wrong I am for the most part where I want to be. I have a job as the only in house designer at a T-Shirt company that promotes awareness and assistance to people with autism. I'm going to school for the very field I love and am working in. The group of friends I hang out with are mostly all in the field of art are and artists. But somehow I feel like something is regressing.   •   But onto the subject of music. Something lighter, as it were. I've been listening to Other Lives and Edward Sharpe lately, with a mix of the Kooks and Vandervelde at work with Patrick. Ironically, my boss and comrade at Spectrum is from the U.K. so he heard me listening to them while working and had me crank it up.   •   On the subject of work I'm working at a place call Spectrum Designs Foundation. It's a really cool t-shirt designing/printing start up up in Port Washington village. It's actually apart of something bigger, too.   •   The Nicholas Center for autism. My program leader and the "CEO", I think is appropriate for her title in this case, just began this foundation to offer jobs to young adults with autism, allowing them to get a taste of working, earn some money in our collapsing economy, develop skills needed to survive in the world. In my case, I'm an asbergers case, highly functional and I am damn good designer with no experience who needs a job and practice in my field. They were looking for someone to be in-house and who was willing to do the 'labor' side of the job and I was looking for any amount of work and for practice in my field. It's a win-win scenario. The link for their website is and   •   For me, I'm a freshman in my first semester and I'm already being paid to design for a small company that will always be throwing me work that is different, challenging, and interesting. Plus, from what I understand I'm their first in-house designer. Which is brilliant for my resume and portfolio. The pay wage is very nice compared to what I expected and the environment is friendly and exciting. And even further, the company is still apart of something amazing and inspirational. Most of my works will be somehow strongly connected to the awareness of autism spectrum disorders, which is something I want to support. Much like the LGBTQ movement.   •   My first design there has been a really fun task. Taking the logo of the Butterfy Mission forming into a dynamic looking flying butterfly that's losing it's pigment, which flakes off into a spectrum wave, much like our logo. I'll show you after the finished job is printed.   •   So in leaving, I'd like to talk about nothing. So goodbye and may god bless you.   •   +Brent Matthew Lillard   •   @SAKUTOnoSai

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