Thursday, May 31, 2012


So a passed yet another Semester at school.
At my job, I'm learning the in and outs of the technical mechanical side of my T-shirt company, so I can do print and Design and get more hours.
Life with the Cute One is the bomb!

Life is generally good.
I'm currently really hooked on the Grizzly Bear's Two Weeks which I heard on WFUV.
I mean they just got this great sound. It's chilling and smooth and cheerful and I haven't heard it since a trip I took in 2008.

I'm currently working on my next Social Card, since I don't do business
Which is quite an endeavor since I'm dropping my old logo for something more geeky and artsy.
More on that as it happens.

Considering moving my life blog to tumblr with my odd ball tumblings.
Hmmm..... thoughts.
More on the card later.


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