Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finals Week, Spring Two-Thousand & Twelve

So last weekend was exciting. In fact this whole year has been exciting and extraordinarily busy for me. Bouncing between School, Work, and the cute one's house, squeezing in time for friends like The Historian and Fandango (Fandango is my current nickname for my friend who happens to be gay, funny and into doing WHATEVER the fuck he wants), keeping my religion of going to Bailey's and the bar, keeping my faithful study of the bible and still finding the time to go to social functions at Dowling.
Since it's been so busy I haven't had the time to Blog, but I wish I had, because it's been quite interesting and of the forty or so readers I normally have with any given post I send I would imagine it would have been decent reading.
Alas, I have missed speaking my mind, uncensored, fierce and unorganized.
But I've been successful in the last semester.

I've been kicking ass at school. I am adamant to pass Photoshop with Professor Pink-Hair and Typography with Dr. Kolossus.
So far I've been a generally top graded student, building my portfolio and skill set at a pleasing rate.
Photoshop is taught by Kolossus's compliment, who has pink highlights and ton of animals at her home. She's funny, understanding and very good at teaching.
Kolossus still remains my favourite professor, his style, personality and implied talent attract me to him as a teacher and I wish I could have more classes under him.
Typography has been the most defining class, helping me better understand power of something as simple as Type. It's been creatively unleashing.
Much has Photoshop, as well. As I've been explore the open recesses of my visual imagination, letting ideas from my novel, humor and simply my taste escape onto the digital canvas.
Professor "Preface", my InDesign teacher, is a product of my design in the past. Her encouragement is appreciated and her teaching style, while not my favourite, is quite effective. Although, it was not for me, but I have excelled in that class, making it my least priority.
Professor Stefani, an older gentleman, night photographer who doesn't touch digital has been by far the intrigue of my semester. 2D design has helped me grasp the very basic under pinnings of art.
Alas, it's finals week and I'm working on Movie Poster for my Photoshop Final Project. I'm basing it on my novel and using the Historian as a character.
Alas I would like move on.

At work I've been busy. I think I mentioned the fact that Patrick and I, from Spectrum, went to Boston a month or two ago for a Conference on Autism and sensory disabilities.
I got to stand with, meet and listen to the top brass in Autism, Temple Grandin and her Mother. It was an honor and very busy. I even sold my St. Patrick's day autism shamrock shirt of my back to a customer. The same one I designed. It's a great shirt and I'm still waiting for Patrick to get me a new Yellow, Medium St. Patty's Shamrock shirt.
Yes, I'm looking at you.
Next Year, however, I'm going to the City with my friends Timmy and Teej.
I've noticed I've been getting faster with my designs, I went to work Monday and did three design jobs in five hours then packed up and left by 4:00P.M.
It was stupid short.
I might have to relax myself so I can my the hours worth the drive.
Kidding of course. I WOULD NEVER DO THAT! Ha. ha. ha. … ha.

In this time my Portfolio, the one I made for that trip to Boston, has gotten fat thick with all my good shit and by summer I'll have to buy more nice binders and start Curating it.
Twenty of my best stuff to send to firms, small companies, School of Visual Arts, Cooper?
I'm modest with somethings, but not with this. I'm good, I'm REALLY good and I know it.
I wont deny that I have a ton to learn, but this is a talent, not just skill.
I think I might be able to make Cooper by the time I get my degree at Scruffolk.

So social life's been great. Hanging with Ian and Eric and the gang at school mostly, but trying to find time to attack them of campus. Most of my time outside of school is given to Meghan, the Cute one. But I try. I still play magic religiously every friday then hit the watering hole. (i.e. my sink, hahaha)
Been getting a lot better at Magic. My deck plays like a fine tuned machine these days and I'm working on deck building when I have the grace of spare time.
Mine and Meghan's "twue wuv" couple (We'll call them Smiley and Mickey for now) have been hooking up with us at the Dowling Campus's for dances and other such BS. It's hella fun when I'm looking for an excuse to get the hell out of the bar scene or what evs!
My other favourite Couple, by the way, is my Historian anarchist friend who found himself a girl with flaming hair who gives awesome hugs and is into everything geeky. It's ├╝ber cute.

Materialistically, I just recently finished John Scalzi's Old Man's War series in audio and started on the Hunger Games series. Finished the first book, but putting Catching Fire on hold (half way through) so I can read Steve Jobs since I picked up the copy at the Air Port today.
I also got an iPhone from my Mother this week. It's a 4S, it's gorgeous, it's so nice and I'm stoked to have a smart phone! Yeesh! It's pretty and somehow she knew to get an Otterbox defender case. I'm rough with my hardware. But hey! My mac is still going strong.

The Cute One and I are doing REALLY well after four months. Like REALLY GOOD.
I've been star struck before and in-love a couple and one times, but after everything that happened last year I've been a lot more reflective this last four months, looking back, examining what I have, calculating myself more, being more honest and spontaneous with myself and others. Not only am I more happy with myself, I feel like this thing that I have now is more real and more tangible than anything I've had before.
It's so good and so believable, practical and honest than anything.
She makes me happy in every way, all the time. No one's done that.
And I could go on about it's practicality, but I think that this is the one and if it is, at my age, I'm very lucky. And right now, I'm very much in love.
It's good to be in a relationship and for the first time not have the slightest fear that it could go wrong.
We actually just hung out yesterday, had chinese, went to Bailey's for free comic day and Cieslaks for cookies.

Cieslaks Modern Bakery by the way is a GREAT little Polish bakery in Lindenhurst Village that has the best Rainbow Cookies I've found on the island when their fresh. Try them on the weekends or friday nights. (I linked to Yelp!)

Last month my Mother, the matriarch of my family, had a reunion in the Outer Banks at Nags Head. It was so nice and relaxing.
I swear I went around the house and there were no clocks when I started to look for them and then I realized, "Oh! I'm on vacation, I don't need to know what time it is!" then would turn around and either nosh, laugh, kiss Meghan or drop a bad joke!
Yes, I took Meghan with me. We had SO much fun. Walking on the Board walk in Atlantic City the first night, enjoying the company of my family who hadn't seen in a long time, eating fresh food that my Aunt Jett made, doing what ever we wanted, making love on our terms, enjoying the salt in the air, enjoying the humour my family has to offer, not worrying for a moment about my school work.
It was the first real vacation I've had in over a year.

I wont talk about music today since I can't really think of anything to say on the topic. But I've been listening to Blind Pilot the whole time i've been blogging and it's really got me in the mood for spilling my heart out.

So as usual, may God bless you;
Brent Matthew Lillard

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