Thursday, July 5, 2012

A letter of Manifesto

  You seem to have made the assumption that anything I can do, you can do also.  You see, the rules do not apply me. Your rules never have and never will. You can shape me with your oppressive misery, I am too gay.
  I will always do, as I always have, what I want; when I want; however I want it. I will accept the consequences of my actions which never have stopped me from doing it again.
  While you demand on your man and whine like a bitch, I will keep my mouth silent, unattended by query and do as I please.
  To create requires ingenuity, to succeed demands investment, to create inspires innovation.
  When you sit in an office chair, bored with your life having Guccied your hubby out of credit and home, I will be doing what I love; Changing the world with my taste and vision.
  Teaching hundreds of students,  discipling tens more; changing the thoughts about SpEds with the words from my heart; creating endless designs as I network the world around you; painting my world in colours I only dream about, now; kissing everyone in my circle with the mass splash of excitement that over flows from my mind.
  And if it's not that exciting, I'll still be creating from my heart. My art and design will never end, even in a small apartment, where I kick back on a futon with a Brooklyn Lager, married to my sweetheart on my macintosh accepting calls from all I networked with tens of commissions at a time.
  This life is my creation and as such I follow my own rules. I break the flaws of design to make way from the law of my art. THe world is my canvas, with colours you clearly can't see. We share it in flux, changed always and constantly by those who try.
  I will never stop.
  You can't make me.
  Design is my passion.
  Art is my soul.
  And with God on my side, I will never be in misery.
  Not like you, who never try.

(Inspired by those around me, directed at some who aren't, for the pleasure of the rest who are not miserable in their creation)