Who am I? Brent Matthew Lillard

•   An In-House Designer at Spectrum Designs Foundation.
•   A Freshman Student of Graphic Design at SCCC in Riverhead, New York
•   A Citizen of West Babylon and Lindenhurst, New York
•   A Self-Proclaimed Artist, Blogger, Maker.
•   A non-political and undenominational.

Brent Matthew Lillard is a designer, student, artist and hacker from the east coast with a taste for technology, modification, modern art, photography, typography, sketch and a good challenge. Grew up in of Hampton Roads, Virginia and entered young adulthood in Dexter, Missouri he is now a citizen of New York City area working for Spectrum Designs and studying at Suffolk County Community College.   •   A gentleman, but brash. His finer qualities would be that he is a good judge of caliber, a creative spirit, a fast learner and quick to adapt. • Comically enough, he does indeed enjoy long walks on the beach.   •   He is currently and happily involved with a young woman named Jenna.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, business or otherwise, shoot me an e-mail. I'm always looking for work and maybe a good conversation, but feedback belongs in the comments.