Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So last Saturday was my birthday.
I've gotten into the habit of not really caring about birthdays but this was a bit different for the following reason:

1. It is the day that marks the 18th year of my life which means I am legal. I don't smoke, I don't live in Germany (or Europe in General) so I cannot yet buy alcohol, Marijuana is not yet legalized so I do not wish to partake; but it does mean I can get a new knife, I can get my Drivers license in a matter of months, depending on my my personal confidence, I can get more jobs and I can act with the need for permission forms.

2. I got to spend it with my two favourite people, my bestfriend and my girlfriend. Which is always a blast.

3. This birthday is more of a "Right of Passage" than the Sixteenth was because I have a lot more going for me than I did then.

So the day was simple in theory. Got up, showered, got a text from Eleshia and out the door.
We went to Emma's, ambushed her, hung out, received my present from Emma (which was awesome and I will need to try it tomorrow for lunch or something!) (Yes, it is a food stuff) and Eleshia (Which was hysterical in a racist and geeky sort of way!), hungout, etc. ect. ect.
Then after attack of pirates, talk of anime and lots of Jap rock we proceeded to D.P.C. for dinner.
A large Hawai'ian pizza and three Dr. Peppers, which were switched beyond recognition, and Eleshia's ridiculous accent (caught somewhere between Wales and Sweden) made for a lot of fun and the following video is about the tail end of the dialect rant:

Yeah, it was a fun day with Eleshia and Emma and stuff and it was... yeah.

Other life things:
Been listening to more indie music.
Been driving and practicing.
Being excited about a lock in.

Shalom, Raya and May God Bless;
(Or was peace, love and chicken feet?)
Brent Matthew Lillard

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