Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the Hotel

I am in Chesapeake, Virginia seeing my friends all week because we won the court case!!!
So, yesterday I hung out with the portsmouth crowd after dropping by my old place in Suffolk and visiting with the formerly "crazy neighbor child named Chico" who has grown a lot in the last six months.... No, seriously, he's HUGE! I was dumbstruck mid-sentance when it sunk through and hit me. I believe I said the equivalent of: "Well, I just came down fro- QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM!!!!!!!!!XKCD?! GAH! WHADAT!?! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!? YOU'RE TALLER! Mr. Not So Much Shorter!"
So, yeah! Give or take the massive awkward of spending the rest of the day with Cheri it was a lot of fun being in the company with Stevie, Adam[a], Jayme, Cheri and everyone!
Twas 5\/\/3333333337!!!
Today being Wednesday my Mother-Unit, my Aunt Cyndi, and myself went all about Chesapeake in search of money, the Taj Mahal (Chesapeake City Hall), Chesapeake Pizza (more on that in a moment), parking places and ice cream!On that note, if you are ever in Hampton Roads (Tidewater, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, essentially south east corner of Virginia) and in the city of Chesapeake there is wonderful little family owned pizza joint on in the Great Bridge area (Right near the Great Bridge Bridge on that exact road) called Chesapeake Pizza. Yummy Greek Salads and great Pizza. It's not mom and pop New York but it's great taste for Hampton Roads!
So to end this I was to say that it is burning up in this room so I am going to head out of here and back to the room.

As always thanks for reading, do good work and may God bless!

-Brent Matthew Lillard

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