Thursday, January 20, 2011


So any good audiophile knows the proverb "garbage in, garbage out."
This applies to music fidelity in that no matter how frakking awesome your stereo or Sennheiser headphones are, if you're listening to an Mp3 from 2003 (your 2002 music taste aside) it's going to sound like an Mp3 from 2003. The only way you zillion dollar stereo is going to even have the potential of sounding like an orchestra if the source is high fidelity and not garbage. Like a vinyl record, for example.
But it hit occurred to me that this computer science proverb hails true in our bodies and how we take care of ourselves.
Now, hold on! I'm not going to get into the mechanism of human waste, no one wants to read about that. No, no, no! There will always by-product, nothing wrong about that.
I'm talking about our health.
Now this occurred to me while chewing on a candy bar, like you do.
I mean, if you eat a ton of junk. Like greasy foods, lots of preservatives, fatty foods, nothing fresh and lots of sugar then your body is going to produce those very products on the outside.
Like, your face will break out, your hair will be greasier, you'll have less energy, burn more heat from doing nothing and generally be miserable in the mind as well.
But if you eat lots of fresh foods, vegetables (produce or frozen), light sauces, the proper oils and seasonings then you'll just generally have more energy and your body will produce less toxins.
I know this was a weird rant, but it was on my mind and I thought it was a funny parallel between Computer Science and our biological design.

Until next time, may God bless you.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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