Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mod the World! Hack the Planet!

Going to bed as soon as this chapter of iWoz is finished.

What I'm holding is the twisted wire and eighth inch jack I put together tonight to hook up a pair of Sony's into my MacBook since my big stereo is plugged into my AirPort router. It was easy. Two leads of twisted wires and I hooked the grounds together and to the negative and the left and right leads on the jack to the left and right positive wires. Then I took the two twisted wires and twisted them all together So, it's a great thick cord... or bundle.

I've been "reading" an audiobook called iWoz, the autobiography of Steve Wozniak. Really entertaining, oddly enough. The reader (Patrick Lawler) sounds just like Woz, it's a great experience. Sometimes I forget it's not Woz.

I'm still looking for work and I put in a bunch of applications. I'm really wanting to get a job at one of the nearby Apple retail stores. I put in an application for (and all did a bunch of reading on) a specialist at the Apple store.

That is all.

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