Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Graphic Designer

So I went to school for the first time today and boy was it something.
The first class was Basic Graphic Design with Prof. Kolossus (I think, terrible with names)
In there was small, but select set of classmates. A couple quiet types, a girl who thought of herself a conversationalist, a cute artist type with a wicked sense of fashion (more on her later. We share some fashion sense.), a gamer type and etc.
It was actually fascinating getting that first introduction to Graphic Design. Prof. Kolossus explained a number things about the advertising business, like deadlines, hidden messages, etc.
Essentially the rules there are stiff, very employment like.
In the next class, Adobe Illustrator, was far more laid back. The Professor preferred to be called by Mark, I think. He was laid back on the rules and gave us the run down of what to expect and dismissed us.
At that class I met a gentleman whose name I think I remember. Anyway, he was into Magic the Gathering and we hit it off, discussing his "Silly Deck" and the fact he wants to go into Game Design.
After that I ran into the Fashionable one, remember her? Well, she remember my name and I now remember hers. We had an exchange about her vest and my tie and proceeded to hit it off.
We have claimed each other as friends, amusingly enough.
So it seems I've followed orders, Elena! (inside joke with friend in the midwest)
Anyway, really rad person, really want to get to know her. Fascinating sense of style and personality, y'know? I mean, you ever just meet someone that you find cool and fascinating? Once in a while, right? I've been needing a few Artist Friends.

Anyway that is all for now,

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