Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday sauce on Monday Morning

Wow. It's been a while.
So in short, I quit my job to move onto a part time job. Working for MARKS was a great opportunity, but honestly I have no future there and furthermore it was too hard and too damaging.
I'm too young to be having back problems and too young to be going deaf in one ear.
Also it will be in the way when get the chance to go to school.
Amanda and I broke up after a two month sprint of inbetweennessnessness. It's a long a complicated story that honestly still hurts too much to go into and at the same time I do not want to open that can of worms of explaining the intimate details of our shared time together to the public. This is my Blog and I want to respect the privacy of the situation.
And again, I'm still hurt and I still miss her. It was intimate, of course I'm going to hurt. That's life. I'm pathetic, we've been over this. So please, anyone who thinks it's a bright idea to console me, DON'T! I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me.
This is my blog, those are both big parts of my life, the fact that they're status has changed is important to put out there first.
So I'm Brent Matthew Lillard, soon to be entrepreneur, for the time single, moderately happy, a bit depressed (but that's good for creative inspiration), I like long walks in the rain and eating Sunday Sauce microwaved over pasta on Monday morning.
With parmesan.
So, I'm moving towards doing a bit of small business at my local Magic the Gathering spot by selling deck containers I designed and make out of recycled material. I've had a number of custom orders and I'm refining the technique.
Also I've been suggested wallets and cigarette containers for people who roll their own. More on that in the future, but let's say opportunities lay waiting.
Everyone likes going green and small business is good for the economy, especially if it helps me make a name for myself.
THe big custom order, however, I'm designing and making for free and calling a prototype for the man who run Magic at Bailey's. Henry requested a plant themed box for which I will be doing artwork for. The challenge is welcome.
With that said, I am job hunting and if anyone knows of a place that's hiring in the Babylon and Amityville area of Long Island, let me know.

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