Monday, April 26, 2010

Last few days

Did you know all children are sociopaths? I believe it to be true.
Sorry, about that....

Given my last few of blogs were bit deep into rather specific subjects and tonight I just feel like life blogging.

So, to start, Wednesday was the first day I got to hold Synago (Greek; "Gather". A Student lead study and devotion) at my own house.
Well, it was a rather normal Wednesday. I got up and showered, washed the slime out of my hair, and went on a merry way.
Well, after killing (with a pitch fork) four hours I left my house around 1605 (4:05P.M.) and started off for the church, to meet for Bell Choir.
Normally, because I walk everywhere within town (unless accepting a ride from a friend), I leave my house an hour before I have to show up at the church (Or pretty much any of my other destinations that are not on Bus. 60); but Wednesday I just needed out so I left, knowingly, two hours early. Well, around 1650 (4:50PM) I arrived in the church parking lot and I forgotten, because my dreadful memory and perception of time, that I had left a hour earlier than normal.
Needless to say, I flipped, thinking for three minutes that Bell Choir may have canceled. Quickly there after I regained my senses and realized that it was only sixteen hundred and continued to wall in circles around W. Grant.
In the process I listened to a nooma. 012 Matthew, about mourning and grieving. Why? I dunno, I hadn't listened to that one in a while and I thought I would. It was interesting.
So around my fifth lap I ran into my friend Kyle and we walked to the church and waited for the rest of Bell Choir to show.
On the subject of bell choir I've gotten better, but I still need practice. It's been so long since I actually played any decent music that I'm terrible at counting in my head. I used to be so good when I played the piano everyday....
Anyway, practice went well. Though Eleshia randomly called me and put me in an awkward situation.... But practice went well.
After practice I got a ride from my girlfriend's mom back to my house and Emma, my girlfriend, ended up staying at my house until Synago.
We played an interesting game of Go that ended rather anticlimactically with me winning. Personally I feel kind of bad cause I think I won by thirty something points....
Around the end game people started arriving. Eleshia first, Kyle and Larry second.
There were some almost random questions like what my PC OS was and whether or not me and Emma had kissed and what exactly Larry was capable of doing on my bed....
It's always entertaining to have three people laying on your bed at once.
Synago itself went very well. We talked a lot about how 9/11 (September 11th, 2001) effect our lives, the outlook of Americans, and the general path of history since.

For me, 9/11 has impacted me in many ways. In the months that followed citizens were searchign for missing people, as if lost in some genocidal war. My father, being a Fire Fighter and Fire Captain, was deeply effected by the countless fire fighters who entered and never escaped. My dad would say that all Fire Fighters were brethren, no matter if they knew each other's names or locations. My birth mom who lived in New York (or near the city in New Jersey) was effected, even directly, by it and has shared stories about the general aftermath with the surrounding areas. Seeing the twin towers collapse changed my outlook on life, the world and politics, at a very young age.

For me, it told me that America was no untouchable, that War (even if not legally claimed to be) was not something that happened in a far away land, that people die fast and that how they live their lives have nothing to do with it, and that even in chaos there is hope and beauty.

By Hope and Beauty, I mean this:
There is a picture of three firefighters raising the flag over at ground zero.
In times of strife and trouble, Americans, humans as a people always find hope.

Thursday was interesting. Went to Devo, as usual, then walked to the church to help Misti set up for Youth Sunday (which was, like, Sunday) and that was fun, and random....
Got to start early on our latest fundraiser!

Friday threw a bit of a sucker punch at me.I had no plans, so I was just lazing around my bed room watching Hulu and reading my bible and listening to... Placebo and Greenday.
Well, around 1530 my phone must have failed, because Shane was trying to get a hold of me and couldn't. So Larry IMs me on Facebook chat (Adium is amazing!) and tells me that I have forty five minutes to get ready for a Matrix Trilogy movie night. So I, at the speed of thunder-asunder, take a shower, brush my teeth, paint my nails (all but one, which I had to do in Larry's car) and I don't have enough time to straighten my hair (which is okay, cause Emma likes my hair the way it normally is. Only Shane has accused me of having Ferrah Hair naturally and I'm not quite sure how to take that....) before Larry had arrived.
So we take off for the Oracle's house (HA!) and we gather in her basement, when I receive the Ferrah comments.
Now, what surprised me is that Emma actually showed up. Her parents are strict on the MPAA ratings and don't let her watch R rated stuff often. So this was her first viewing of the Matrix, as it was for Susan, too. So I was excited for them!
I mean, I love the Matrix! Such a deep philosophical movie with over driven action and effects and style that raised the bar and pushed the boundaries of movie making several years ago.
Love it!
So, seriously! A good seven hours on a confortable sofa, surrounded by friends, got my girlfriend in my arms, watching the Matrix Trilogy, seeing Keanu Reeves showing emotion (WOW!) and taking analyzing the philosophical subtext of the films.

So alas, Sunday was good too. I got up early and walked to Church, went through the motions, prepared for Youth Sunday Service, did the service with everyone else, played bells, played a "Owen Wilson as Shaggy Doo" Jesus and went on my merry way.
The service was great!
I was proud of everyone.

Of course, that evening, Misti taught her last part of the Love Revolution at Youth. It's been a great series of lessons she put together based on her Joyce Meyer book.
It ended really well and hopefully, that's not where it ends.
I intended to take Misti up on her challenge and challenges every week.
To show love to everyone.

Anyway, it's late, I'm kind of hungry and very tired. I need to sleep.
Thank you for reading & may God bless.

Shalom & Raya,