Friday, August 20, 2010

Anger in Sixteen minutes.

Today is a good day.
I am going to go receive my last pay check from Faurecia, cash it and then drive out to Malden for business in Sixteen minutes.
First I want to reflect on my past couple weeks and my emotional issues, though.
Given my past two months I been feeling spiritually out of sync, increasingly and acelerated since the last thursday of July, I've been a little undone.
Then driven by the emotional pain of a break up I've become angry.
Anger has always been the one emotion I can't really handle. It is the most powerful of emotions, I think. It gives us the strength to do what what normal would be incapable of doing.
It is also the most negative emotion, and arguably the only true negative emotion.
Depression, after all, is anger turned inward
Sadness is a safe emotion that we release, it helps us know right from wrong and to adapt to changes. Anger fights against Changes.
After losing my job the day after that didn't help the situation.
I wanted to leave, I almost did, I would have.
God has other plans, I believe that.

Upon making a fool of myself and letting my emotions get the best of me (during a rather exciting exit with a Chevy Cobalt), I realized what had happened.
So now, I am not fueling the anger anymore.
Anger blocks logic, love, realism, idealism. It's unhealthy.
I mean, sometimes it's good to get angry about something that needs to change, but don't occupy that with true wrath and rage.
Take poverty, we should all be angry that it exists and that it is unchanging. That's another blog, though.

Anyway, I've been meditating, praying, relaxing and not entertaining anger. The anger I felt had no place or source except pain, when you get right down to it.

The reality is, my life is really good right now.
I have a purpose. I believe that.
I have a small number of close wonderful friends. I trust them.
I have everything I need, for now.

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