Saturday, September 11, 2010

Technophobic rant

So as you all know, if you've been paying attention, I'm a big supporter of the open. Like blogs, the commons, most of Google's work, open-source, anything that isn't own by Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerblower. I'm a big believer in the internet, technology and the works and if you're determined enough I believe anyone could find out just about anything about me, as pretty much every outlet I have on the web is open and public, save my home address due to my flatmate on any given occasion.
My facebook is public, youtube used to be regularly updated and is still public, I life blog. I frakking write publicly everything from my political standpoint (LGBTQ Pride, WOO!) to my favourite music (Placebo) to whether or not I like oral sex (duh). However, I respect those I care about and their privacy, so I don't blab about everyone else in my life unless I under the influence that they would approve.
But what you've probably missed is I'm a bit of a technophobe.
I've always preferred older technology like landlines telephones to the ever terrible audio compression in Cell Phones, Vinal records to CDS, old fashioned portable radios to the portable CD players of the last decade. Don't like GPS, prefer maps or a compass. I hate texting and there are very few people I like texting to. I prefer to make phone calls. Even e-mails give me the willies.
Now most of this isn't direct fear, per se. I just like older stuff, but there are soem directions that technology is going that just annoy me. The Government for example tracks everything that everyone does on the web, in theory. Which is why I choose to be public, along with my no-secrets mentality.
It's not a secret and I know as it stands, right now, it's not a vicious thing. It's a protective thing and understandably so. As the people of the 21st century our society would become paralyzed if the internet went down. Can you imagine the economic downfall if the internet crashed for more than a day?
Just some food for thought.
Rant over, onto our next Tragedy.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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