Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ooooh the Glasses.....

So I need new glasses, because my prescription has changed dramatically. It's only fitting that in the last week or so I've misplaced them in the jungle paradise that is my room. (Imagine mid 1960s Vietnam forestry)
On the subject of glasses and the 1960s, I watch an internet podcasting show by Revision3 called ByteJacker in which the community leaves video comments and is very active amongst themselves. Recently I returned from my absence and left a video comment with my hair let out and one my friends, Joe Larson of, stated that my hair reminded him on John Lennon. Also, that if I got some circle lens glasses and married an asian I'd by Lennon incarnate. Of course, that last part was a joke, but it got me thinking!
You see, I've become a big fan of the late and great John Lennon and I've always wanted a pair of circular glasses even before I knew who he was. So, partly out of curiosity and as a joke I took a picture of myself and then took it to GIMP on my mac and superimposed a pair of Lennon style spectacles upon my face and not only did it come very realistic, but I think it looks good on me!
But, yes, those glasses do not exist! I am very proud of this piece of work, but I made them a bit too big.
On a Lennon note, though, his music was recently remastered and released again this year and I SOOOO wish I had some of it. I love his music, yet I hardly have anyone of my own.
On a ByteJacker note, I recently discovered that embedded video recorders on the web using the Flash Player from adobe do not recognize or start the iSight camera on my MacBook Pro anymore. I sniff a conspiracy. I think Steve Jobs' personal vendetta with adobe is the cause of this universal "malfunction" as a great deal of the ByteJacker views have been experiencing the same problem over the last two weeks.
On a gaming note, Monday I recieved my first online purchased good from Amazon. Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier. I love the Jak & Daxter Series and I wanted to see how the game was since Naughty Dog sold the rights to High Impact.
In short, however, the controls are a bit stiff and sluggish on the PS2, but that's understandable since it's a different company who's trying to fill rather big shoes. Plus, the game was originally designed and released parallel to the Sony PSP.
The story is a bit cliche, but not to the point of hideousness. Once I got used to the controls I found the game quite charming. Bringing back the Ecos, Daxter getting fur, Keira becoming a sage and Jak being generally a happy camper is something I've been waiting for since the opening of Jak II and while the the original Trilogy is the best, this game can stand up as the first jak game from High Impact and I think with a sequel they can do the series a bit more justice.
In terms of buying goods and checking out products, I heard about a really cool protable bluetooth speaker called the Jambox from Jawbone. The specs are nice and Jawbone generally makes good stuff, but I was really impressed by their promotional video on the sight. It's just one of those ads that really demonstrated the product in the a sensible, practical way and still being very entertaining.
Long story short, the Jambox is really cool. I want one, but I can't afford to blow US$200 it so I wont bother. But I thought the promo was cool and I just had to share it.
(As a side note, this product was Merlin Mann's pick of the week this week on MacBreak Weekly on the TWiT.TV live streaming & podcasting network.)
Another more funny and much older ad I wanted to share, because it's YouTube style at it's best, really, is the OraBrush video on how to find out if your breath sticks. You use a spoon. Check it out.

When I was sixteen I was told by Rusty and then learned soon there after that "Spooning leads to Forking".

Well, that's all I wanted to share with you. So thank you for reading.

Brent Matthew Lillard

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